All My Friends are Bots; Playing Horde Alone

I play horde with bots when I want to practice or experiment with something. Recently I thought I would try to get some better cards for a 16 JD. Seems like I have 30+ “Daddy’s Boy”, “Score Boost” and “Officer’s Prerogative” from playing a lot of beginner and intermediate.
I set up for inconceivable initially. I tried for five rounds with the above JD and couldn’t make it past wave one. I thought it was funny a first. I backed off to insane (turned off Survivor) and made it to wave six. Great. I’ll at least get something besides a green card I thought, so I stopped the game to check. Nope. Another “Daddy’s Boy”. OK, let’s try elite (turn off more health). Made it to sixteen. Two “Score Boost” and another “Daddy’s Boy”.

I have thought about this situation – playing a lot of simple games verses a few very hard games – when earning swag. Can it be said that sitting thru four hours (50 waves) of intermediate horde is as hard a 5 waves of insane? Somehow the little chunks should eventually add up to a big chunk. There’s no point to having 50 “Daddy’s Boy” cards. However, if I could trade 30 of them for a single step on Razor Hail or 5 scrap, that would be tolerable. I can’t be the first to suggest this.

So for all us horde hermits out there. Here are a few things that would make this mode of play a little (better, fairer, whatever).

  1. Allow bots to contribute to the fabricator. Since power is now distributed equally, playing with bots is a severe disadvantage when counting on power. As a lone JD, I didn’t get enough power to buy anything until wave two or three. On insane or above, one could use a boomshot early.

  2. Stop resetting the loadout after dying. Having spent 10K on a repair tool only to lose it after regen is depressing. If your loadout has things available from the fabricator, you should be able to keep them in your next life.

  3. There needs to be some alternative to be able to move a tap. Playing alone, there isn’t enough time, with no one to help you, to do a lot of organizing. If bots could be set to collect power, that would save time – however I do understand the general point is to play with humans. Still, from my favorite bot, “A little help here”.

  4. Weapons lockers please! Fahz has a weapons locker? All roles should be able to buy a weapons locker. All roles can buy a barrier. Same idea? I’d trade barriers for weapons locks easily. Also, if anyone besides an engineer buys a weapons locker, they should be the only ones able to use it. If it gets upgraded, then OK everyone.

  5. Possibly allow bots to take on your perks. OK so it would cost “n” times as much. It’s still a strategy to help bots get more powerful (as humans do) as the game goes on. Just a thought.

I like the game. I would buy stuff if it was cheaper. I would buy stuff if it helped game play (and was cheaper). Think about the revenue from being able to buy power before a horde. 10 Iron for 10K power to start? You’d suck up a lot of the wasted iron sitting out there. Would it make a difference in the results? Probably not.

Finally, why does the lancer suck? Five hits from a claw and I’m dead. 100 rounds from a lancer barely bothers swarm with extra health. And the aim from the grenades seems off. A pixel off and your round falls uselessly behind or in front of the target. More practice? Wa wa wa……


Just to clarify on this point. You get 5x the power for playing solo as you would as an individual playing with 5 people, so you are at complete parity here compared with playing in a squad. The early waves don’t give much power.

Except for initial deposit. A solo player is at a disadvantage there for initial starting money.

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Ah very true. You caught me slipping :wink:


This is not true. Scouts cannot buy fortifications.


Ah Grizzly Adams! My favorite scene is when that mountain man dude is being chased by a “Griz” and he leads it into the cabin where Adams is sleeping and then jumps out the back window. What are friends for I ask!

WRT Scouts, I’ve never played Kait in horde. I lived with Kait all thru campaign and enjoyed her persona. However I was a bit tired of it after that. I enjoy doing a horde with Kait obviously.

I’m sorry but I need to validate that playing alone gives one 5x power. The value of the power pops into the center screen, so I will do a quick “kill and collect” to see what the max power is for various chars. It would be handy to have a chart of the initial value of each enemy. Also, there is playing alone (no bots) and playing alone (with bots). Does this matter to the 5x theory? Tap collections? Weapon melts?

I’m sorry. It’s social distancing. I need to get outside…


I did some experimenting. Results are for double “star” instant kill and collect.

Playing alone, a leech is worth 45 (bots, no bots, doesn’t matter). Playing with one other person, a leech is worth 22.5. I haven’t tried it with five others. Would it only be worth 9?

The tap progression (which I have never paid any attention to frankly) is depressing. It doubles, 100, 200, 400, 800 and that’s it best I can tell. Since I have no real friends (on purpose), I haven’t tried keeping track of tap collections. The epiphany is that quick collecting kills is a much better strategy for obtaining power than futzing with a tap. Talk to me when it doubles up to 64K.

Probably the only thing this accomplished is to show how far my math skills have deteriorated. Trying to subtract numbers - questionably odd amounts sometimes - resulted in my running back to the fabricator after each kill. You know hard that is? Thank you Beginner…


Rejects are 280, Scions about 1200, Bosses 2K-4K. Drones are all over the map, but 400-800 depending on the weapon they’re carrying.

I managed during the test round to save 120K in the fabricator without having to build anything. Did I say thank your beginner? Of course it revenged me by giving me all green cards at the end after 40 waves (Doh!). Yes yes I’m Daddy’s Boy, geez.

I hopelessly think one day they will cater to the solo players and allow customizing of the horde bots. Why can’t I play horde solo and make it past a set amount of waves? The inevitable answer is, the bots are mostly useless. They can’t be tasked with anything, have no abilities, ultimates, or weapon choices. Just lame

Yes! and heor bots, bots of each hero not just cog soldiers
and they should use different weapons, nut just the lancer, use shotguns and snipers too and heavy weapons to

That would be great. I can watch the game play itself when I’m too busy to concentrate on Horde.

I just solo beginner hordes and collect the scrap because difficulty doesn’t matter. Or play a higher difficulty and just keep dying because all that matters for scrap is the amount of time played before you get a drop. I usually get about 3 or 4 hundred scrap a day by just doing a couple hordes solo then some randoms for a little bit. Really it’s stuff I would be doing anyways even if I didn’t need the scrap so I am leveling up my cards just by playing the game I enjoy playing.