ALL maps on PUBLIC horde

(Old problems coming back session…)

So, how many of you are tired of playing Avalanche, Drydock, Mercy, Lift Apex, Blood Drive, Clock Tower, Reclaimed many times in a roll in public horde?

Don’t we have 34 maps?


Yeah, haven’t seen Gridlock, Checkout, Old Town, Speyer and War Machine in ages.


More is not always better. Some of the maps are straight up trash for horde. What we need is voting for maps in Horde lobbies and the trash (Diner, Canals, Reclaimed, etc) to be taken out of the pool.

Trash maps cause quitters. Quitters are not to blame if they don’t want to play these absolutely terrible maps.

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More maps ARE better. At least then I have the opportunity to decide whether I play it or not. Whether a map is “good” or “bad” is irrelevant. A good team will have success no matter what, but I am so sick of playing the same DAM maps… Dam - Been stuck playing that map for over a year and a half, while others I haven’t even had the opportunity to play and finish 50 on. I haven’t been able to play some of these maps since they were part of the early release owning the season pass. Give me Old Town, Speyer, War Machine and Checkout back!

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I even bought old town 3 weeks ago and still haven’t seen t come up in rotation.

They stated when the game came out the maps would rotate and some would only be available in private.

It’s one of the key features of the Season Pass

I believe that was changed slightly. Maps still have a rotation but there is a small chance of getting one out of rotation.

All the maps are in the rotation. Just some are more likely than others.

It wouldn’t make a difference anyway, because people would just leave if they find a map they are not comfortable with, so it may increase Horde quitters.

I love Diner.

Canals is a hard map, you gotta be good at it to survive. And have a nice team, which usually is the problem.

Reclaimed ia not hard at all. A good sniper can keep big foes away.

In this case more IS better. What’s the advantage on having a handful of maps over and over?

A game is about fun, not mere repetition/ grinding.

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What exactly makes Diner, Canals, Reclaimed and other Maps, trash?
Maybe quitters need to get used them, figure it out and defend successfully in a competent team.
Any Maps are doable, as long as you’ve got an active team that know what they are doing and high levelled Skill cards for Insane/Inconceivable.
If a Map was impossible, it wouldn’t even be in rotation so the finger is now being pointed at quitters not giving those so-called “Trash Maps” a chance.
I just beat Canals yesterday as only four players, done Diner and Reclaimed many times too.
How come you don’t even have patience for these pretty easy Maps… (excluding Diner)?
It seems you don’t belong to higher Difficulties in Horde, if you’re not competent enough to beat all the Maps in the game, or neither have the confidence to do so.


No, they’re not ALL in rotation. Where is the source of your info?

I very much would to see the variety back. I am bored of dam, fallout, harbor, reclaimed, etc.

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Canals is a very easy horde completion though idk why that would be considered a trash map. easy castle, nice snipe lane, easy power aggregation for the scout, etc. I think it all just comes down to preference which is why it would be good if there were both more available maps in the pool, and a more robust voting system.

actually never, good idea… anyway im for all maps on all modes

Canals is not THAT easy and on mania gets tricky to collect double energy.

Still pretty doable, though.

Is all comes down to a good team.

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Canals is sooo easy, if take advantage of that space at the back of spawn.
It only requires one Barrier to cover the width, from one wall side to (an)other.
Even one Sentry could lay firepower on anything that tries to break through Barrier.
It’s just when Engineers often try to place Fortifications in two different areas, the middle arch bridge place and the side where Snipers hang out with view to other side of Map.
Dividing resources, spreading out and can get little difficult to manage enemies from both sides.

As I said, it all comes down to a good team.