All Locust enemy types should be added to Escape and Horde

I never understood why TC keeps leaving out so many enemies from previous games. And while playing a lot of Escape I miss them even more. Just Swarm alone doesn’t cut it when you have this huge roster of enemy types available.

Imagine if we could fight Bloodmounts, Shriekers, Boomshield and mace wielding Locust, Lambent Polyps, Tickers and all the other Locust as well. If we can get characters from other franchises like Halo, Terminator and etc., why can’t we fight against a bigger variation of enemies? Or aren’t they included because of “lore”? Which all went out the window as soon as TC introduced characters and skins from other franchises.

I want my Bloodmounts!


Yeah that would be cool. The new Horde’s enemy variety is a huge imrpovement over 4’s but this would make it even better.


Yep, imagine having to fight Reavers as well while fending off Pouncers and Snatchers at the same time while Bloodmounts and Juvees are trying to get through your defences.

Obviously TC could just throw everything into the mix, have it themed (like a variation of a Hive/Horde map) or carefully put together.

Please make it happen, TC. Variety is the spice of life! And Escape already has a lot of potential but it could get even better with all the awesome new options for bosses, enemy encounters etc. Just look at the Sires and how different and fun it makes the newest Hive map and how radically it changes up the gameplay - and that is just one enemy from the original trilogy.

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They should’ve put in those Prototype Locust from the campaign and have their weapon be Retro Lancers, I miss having Lancer and Retro Lancer wielding enemies and having more ammo for those weapons available.


That’s a great idea but i think they might be a bit too sexy for Horde.

Serepedes and wardens at the same time would be fun

Holy ■■■■ that would be the definition of HORDE if you would have to face
& Deebees

Literally All the things we could go up against
Locust Horde:

Drones, Snipers, Grenadiers, Cyclops, Bolters {Savages & Elites}

Boomers {Savage & Flame}, Grinders, Butchers, Maulers, Flame Grenadier

Therons, Palace Guard, Kantus {Savage, Armored}

Wretches, Tickers {Wild}, Serapedes, Brumaks, Reavers Berserkers, Sires. BloodMount,

Shriekers, Savage Corpser, Ragers


Lambent Drones, Lambent Grenadiers, Drudges

Lambent Wretches, Formers, Polyps

Lambent Berserker, Gunker

The Swarm:

Drones, Snipers, Grenadiers, Hunter, Imagos, {Elites}

Juvie, Poppers, Leeches, Pouncer

Scion {Mulcher, Boomshot, Buzkill, Dropshot}, Warden

Carrier, Snatcher, Flock, Matriarch , Swarmak


Deadeye, Peacemakers, DR-1 Protectors,

Guardians, Sentinels, Trackers {Shock}

Stump, Reject, Bastion, Kestrel


This is how it should be.

Every time I shout about wanting Locust in Horde 4.0 some loud mouth formite shouts me down and says I am stupid for wanting such things, or I should stop living in the past, or it doesn’t make sense (err yeah ok) to that and to this thread I say…


I thought I was as the only one who thought this.

After playing Campaign and looking at Horde and Escape, I was thinking to myself why we don’t have Drones or Pipes as weapons. Those Drones could have had Retros, so yeah. And no other enemy in PvE modes have Retros. No other ways to obtain except starting with one or buying,

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Damn, I want my Bloodmounts :frowning:


The world needs this and you know it.

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