All Known Current Listed Issues, Edited&Updated

-Gears of War Tech Test stops mid download.
-Gears Tech Test Wont Boot.
-Cannot Find Matches.
-30 Minute Wait times.
-While waiting for a match, randomly booted/disconnect.
-Match will be found, randomly booted/disconnect.
-Matches sync, then boot to main menu.
-Matches Sync, game freezes.
-Random boots to Xbox Home Menu
-Game freezes at any random point in time.
-Freezing at random points, in game, menu and lobby.
-Qued for an unreal amount of time. [Example 13 days].
-Being booted mid game.
-Squad members being booted while searching for match.
-Squad members unable to join empty lobby.
-FrameRate issues in the Menu.
-FrameRate issues in general.
-Unable to Invite Players at times.
-Unable To Play the game at all

  • Escalation, Arcade and KOTH all produce the same errors.
    -Invisible Characters in Menu
    -Expressions audio not playing/emote not activating
    -Audio crackling issues
    -Smoke grenade audio glitches
    -Character cover movements/buttons not registering at times.
    -Both Ranked and Social produce the same issues, though Social seems easier to get into a match.
    -Timer Restarts itself rather than a lobby boot.
    -In Lobby; can not see chosen character icon/face next to name/gamertag, Though other players can see there’s.
    -Error messages very common.

Bigger List To Come.


I called the ranked match for 1 hour and noticed something. xbox one (dark machine) on fire.

I hope this gets extended. I’ve played 3 minutes of one game and I’ve been searching for 5 hours.