All Jack's, beware of the freeze glitch

For those who play Jack I want to report that there is a freeze glitch that will stay permanent until you die. It happened when an Ice Scion was attacking me and I hijacked a DR. After that, I had to die because it did not go away after I wasn’t taking any sort of damage.

Coalition, fix this

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I got stuck in between the floors on Exhibt while trying to revive a teammate.

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Ice Scions are currently Jacks Achilles Heel … for now best to run away from them :fearful:

I had this before. It happens when hacking while being frozen.

I got stuck in a barricade on Training Grounds as Jack, ended up having to quit.

I hijacked an Ice Scion and when that ended I was half frozen until i got downed then revived. I was moving as if I was about to be frozen. Made smelting nearly impossible.

If jack gets stuck ask another player to come close and heal them … it seems to pull Jack off what they are stuck on … of course this generally needs comms or another player who knows this and spots you stuck

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I just die to fix it. It’s annoying.