All I can do is laugh at this point

While playing the new escape just now the game froze. I sent a message to my squad member and they were still playing. So I closed the game and restarted gears 5, it only loads the title game pass screen then just goes black. That’s it. Nothing. I tried 3 times and it didn’t work. Did a restart on the Xbox and tried again, same result. Tried other games and they worked fine.

This game…it’s so bad it doesn’t even want me to play it now.

Update: I also got a message from my team mate stating that the game says I’m still playing right now. I don’t even have the game open…

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It does want you to play… however the WAY IT WAS DESIGNED THE GAME to be played by the dev’s. … which unfortunately most of us my friend don’t like.

Just under 3 months in too…this game is such a joke.

A few people cry about the hate that it gets…but 99% f it is completly justified…Gears players standards have been set by 1 2 & 3 … we gave TC a chance with 4 and on many cases, TC did ok.

But this…we would have been better off getting People Can Fly to do a Judgement remake

There really is nothing else to say about this game…best advice just laugh :rofl:

every update man I’m seeing that is a " COMEDY RELIEF" of some sort LOL :smile: