All Hives Mastered SOLO (29/29)

To date I have done 37 different Master Solo-runs on the 29 available maps with 7 different characters. I’ll post my playlist below. Enjoy!


Great! Now we have another 7 characters to nerf … When will it end?


Now do it blindfolded :roll_eyes:


The crying for nerfs? Never,


You got me mixed up with the other player who does solo runs because that’s what he wanted after he did all of his runs… and it’s pretty sad that was your instant take-away from this post. You’ll never hear me tell anyone about nerfing characters. 99% of players already think master escape is hard with the characters current layout. There are so few people who play master escape right now and gravitate towards horde to get away from the challenge escape possesses. I wouldn’t want to ruin it for the majority…also… I don’t have the coaliton’s ear anyways or Lahni wouldn’t have been ruined.


Thats the joke. Usually when these types of threads show up its followed by calling for a nerf lol.

2 Likes That’s not my goal here. I’ve been pretty annoyed with the lahni changes honestly. Can’t even use her at all.
If players want nerfs they should just put it on themselves like not having certain skill cards on or something.


Yeah unfortunately we have players who just want it nerfed instead of adjusting or playing a different way which is 1 of the reasons why the game is an awful state right now.


More nerfs coming to…not sure why.

well one is because TC did an oops and gave marcus a horribly unecessary buff and as for the others I have no idea.

Edit: Kinda leads me to believe that level 6 cards were completely unecessary and all we needed was 1 or 2 extra cards for a few classes.

Further edit: Sorry I may have lead this topic off its intended course lol Any way took a look at some of your vids and must say thats impressive. I gave the solo master runs a go but stopped before I threw my Xbox out the window in a fit of rage lol.

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You sound like a bit of an expert. . . how did they ruin lahni?

The gist of it is her defensive cards aren’t nearly as effective. She takes way more damage even in venom and her thrill of the hunt is slower than before.


Not to mention Short Range Deflect doesn’t work on melee anymore.


GREAT JOB BUDDY! I mean it, I know how Passionate you are and how much time and effort you put into this. Well done. :+1:

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Thanks man​:+1::+1::+1:. Appreciate that a lot.


But you still conqureored it. After watching this i’m in awe. The rub is though to the casual outside eye, despite a couple of hairy moments you make this all look rather easy and pedestrian. To a dabbler in the mode like myself, i see a whole heap of knowhow executed almost flawlessly. Color me thoroughly impressed.

Couple of questions if you don’t mind. Often when you engage in melee it’s swipe, swipe, kick, and then Lahni leans back. I’ve never seen that. Whats going on there?

Also, did my eyes deceive me - or did you snatch the gun out of the drone’s hands mid-melee combo a time or two?


I agree, Lahni is a mess in both modes now, especially in Horde. Something just seems off about her, she’s not recovering fast enough overall.

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Nice. I think a lot of people don’t appreciate the skill, experience, and finesse it takes to do this.


Agreed, as a Lahni main in both modes, she has definitely been nerfed.

  • Short-range deflection: no longer protects against melee damage

  • On the flank: no longer gives her a damage boost from above or below a target (good for elevated sniping or taking down guardians and sentinels

  • On the flank: no longer increases melee damage (or breaker mace slam damage)

  • Thrill of the hunt: is now 32% healing from bleed damage at level 6 instead of level 5

  • Venom Resistance: Reduced from 50% at level 5 to 32% at level 6

It use to be that Lahni could have a fistfight with a Scion on Master and as long as she was bleeding them she would survive 2 or 3 of their punches, now you’re very lucky if you can survive 1 of their strikes

EDIT: I should add that none of these nerfs were every mentioned in the patch notes TC released with Operation 4