All Gears Content not loading or no longer unlocked

Need help.

At first I purchased a the Chrome Steel Locust Sniper, played one match then logged off. Came back the next day only to find my character gone and the purchased item shown in the store to be purchasable. I get on today only to find that all of my ■■■■ is missing. All of my skins, weapon skins, are banners are gone. You name it. Gone.

Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? I must admit that my wifi has been a bit wonky lately. Don’t know if I should be concerned or just hook up an Ethernet cable to see what’s going on.

Happens pretty frequently from what I’ve seen ; Usually re-logging, resyncing cloud data, or reinstalling the game fixes the issue.

just do not spend any coins / actually currency on anything you’ve already purchased so you don’t end up paying again for nothing

I’m not sure what’s happened on this specific issue, but…

You should definitely do this in general as WiFi is really unreliable.

Thanks for responding brother. Found out that it was just my internet having an issue. I logged into another Xbox that was a lot closer to my wifi modem and all of my stuff reappeared. I’ll just need to find an Ethernet cable log enough or some extra signal boosters to help the connection. I was having a mini panic attack for a second there lol.

Pretty much all if your game data (including customisation items, PVE skill cards etc) is stored online on the cloud and linked to your gamertag, and the majority of issues is due to problems around syncing up with the cloud. Usually a hard reset of your console; or reseting your internet router fixes it by refreshing the connection to the cloud.