All Gears 5 Expressions In Real Life 😂

I hope you guys can get a laugh out of this :joy:


You should’ve also done the moaning expressions. Fahz “Loser” expression when raising the hand up as well as Sam’s and Anya’s “Surprise Gift” expression. Sad you didn’t put those in. D:

Don’t forget Hoffman’s surprise gift.

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Oh damn, i actually didn’t find those while making the video. Sorry :face_with_head_bandage:

Well played, I mean it breaks my heart watching Marcus do all those moves, but you both did a great job :+1::clap:

I’m assuming that’s the grenade one, I don’t have it as a usable expression on my game so I was like what the hell is this one in the video that I used as a reference and I also didn’t know how to even do that one, so we just decided to skip it :joy:

It’s the one where they reveal two middle fingers. Some characters (Anya, Hoffman and Sam to name some) make funny sounds with it.

Ohhhhh ■■■■ yeahhh that wasn’t used in the video that I used and I forgot about it, that one is funny too, i ■■■■■■ up :woozy_face:

Well how adorable. You guys seem real sweet. All the best to you both :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! I cant believe I’m finding nice people on the internet, appreciate the kind words :grin: