All 32 hives Mastered Solo with all 18 classes (total of 576 runs)!

Yeah. I’m in favour of players getting nice exclusive rewards for achieving crazy feats in the game, but it feels a bit crap to give one group a partial weapon set (those who achieved top 5% scores in Op 3) and another higher achieving group that same set, but in whole.

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By the ankles bro. Just remember how easy it is

I wish they still had the toxic skins out for that. Smudge bat and i just started getting good at escape as they went away so we only got a few of the skins.

I didnt receive it👀

And look…

No reply.

Im only missing 3 toxic skins, flamer blah blah blah.

Suppose i can always get top 100 for triangle skorge or what ever its called, oh wait i have a life and…:roll_eyes:

Perhaps i should try twitter?

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Really love the escape community <3

Wish the devs did more to support escape…


maybe @TC_MichaelAOS or @TC_Shauny can make map maker public some how or add the horde version :thinking:

ngl that’s pretty awesome I’d love to have it :heart_eyes:

Too late for this I fear…

Idk maybe

They can’t even be ■■■■■ to fix or improve the map-builder.

The escape map builder is still in Beta-phase right?

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And from all we know it’s going to remain stuck there with zero work done on it because TC abandoned the project completely and has only used it to make Horde and FFA tile maps since the final Escape hives in Op 4.


They used it for Command, Atrium, Turbine and War Machine too.

Recent additions.

And Shauny has confirmed no Escape content in Op 8 to my knowledge, on top of the fact that TC literally uses a completely different build of the map creator than the one we have access to which doesn’t allow you to spawn bosses or place enemies on the helipad, tie them to flipping levers of bridges or the exit, etc.


This is actually an interesting quote.

You see, in theory every Escape map is unique. The modifiers play a big role. However one may think that the approach to each hive is probably the same. Run around, grab some weapons, fight your way to the end.

While this general idea may be true for the majority of hives when you play with multiple people, this is actually not true at all when it comes to solo runs. In fact, plenty of classes even have their unique approaches WITHIN the same hive. Last Stand for instance, one class may be better by just avoiding enemies and bashing to the end while with another it’s way easier to just destroy everything in your path.

These unique approaches happened to numerous hives, some of which even demanded for different kinds of RNGs within the hive to be better with certain classes than others.

The different classes have really shown their full potential of what they can do with their powers. E.g. Demo is an explosive boy, what are you gonna do with it on a hive like Melee Brawl? Protector and Striker are melee-focused classes, how do they handle something like The Gatekeepers or The Split?

Figuring out proper strategies for those (which you can finally also see in action of course :wink: ) sometimes required quite some troubleshooting and thinking outside the box.

I mean who an earth would have thought that PURPOSELY removing cards and run with lesser cards through a hive could turn out to be easier? Last Stand Demolitionist and The Gatekeepers Protector are such examples.

The process of figuring out the most optimal strategies was a lot of fun.

Probably the hive with the most unique different strategies has got to be The Hunters. The lack of ammo and amount of Sires especially in Act 2 caused it to be quite the challenge for some classes.

There were A LOT of factors we had to consider. Standing at certain points to prevent spawns or manipulate spawns, killing enemies a certain way for damage buffs, picking up the good weapons even if the classes favored ones did not exist, counting enemy health, understanding how they behave, killing them in a certain orders, have Venom do the job for you, meleeing flyers (yep, that was a thing), etc.

It was a really cool experience and I hope we’ll see Escape again in the future.

I’d be lovely to see at least one more unique hive to be created in OP8. Just to get the experience again to encounter something completely new. Or have a community one? There’s a bunch of people out there creating great hives even with only the few tools to their disposal. Maybe people could submit a hive and TC could go through them to pick one last hive as an official one or something? :slight_smile:


A very amazing feat indeed. Congratulations.

I wonder if something even crazier can be completed: all hives solo, with every class, with all possible enemy variations.


That would be a never ending story on The Line lol, there’s probably a million different spawn variations you can get there.

I wish there was an option once you master a hive that lets you change the enemy sets you get in each act.


That is actually a very interesting idea…

But I doubt it’s ever gonna happen unless someone mods the game. :slight_smile: