All 32 hives Mastered Solo with all 18 classes (total of 576 runs)!

Its always good to see how differently people approach the same hive.


The concept of mastery was always something core to Escape mode, but this takes it to a whole new level. Congrats!


Congrats. Now try Horde solo as every single class.

It took me 2 weeks alone to get Anchor completed even once.

Also there’s two different modes (and the classic ones) and a bunch of different modifiers which affect some classes more than others.

Not putting myself through that struggle again. For a 1-50 you just have to take a +3h run into account.


Why you can say it such an Easy Way? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m sure The Easiest Map Blood Drive needs to take Hundred of Hours to Finish it, some Trash Classes are sucked in Early Waves, let alone Overload, Command those Speedrun Map.

Be Reminded that No AI is allowed.

If you aren’t self sufficient, able to output good damage, tanky or can hide from damage, you are going to have a bad time.


Congratulations to all those involved, I never thought it would have been possible to do it at the beginning, but there are some fantastic players here and some great strategies.

Well done to all those involved!


Great job, but, man, some of you have waaaaaay too much free time on your hands :grin:

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Our Gears Glorys are normally focused on a specific topic, I’ll see what we can do to acknowledge this though!

EDIT: Sorted out a little cool thing in-game, big grats again :smiley:


Very much appreciated! Thanks a lot! (We received the full set - the entire set has not yet been available, a few skins were never available as rewards, namely the Hammerburst at least)

EDIT: Hammerburst, Enforcer and Retrolancer (and Scorcher but that one still doesn’t exist) have never been obtainable by any other means than TC handing them out, hence Enforcer and Retrolancer are unique to us, Hammerburst has been granted as a reward to a Horde tournament in the past


Thanks for doing that, they worked super hard :slight_smile:


@eviljas247 in the mood for some rage-fuel?

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Again, thanks so much for acknowledging and these rewards.

When we started we haven’t even thought it would be possible.

And we definitely haven’t been doing it for any rewards.
We just love Escape.

Personally I really hope we get to have 1 new map in op8. I know it’s a long shot but one can dream.

And hopefully Escape won’t be forgotten and will come back in Gears 6.


This looks like the lambent set from gow4 which was my favorite for PvE (lol it got you killed in PvP since it was so visible through smoke :grin: )


Would there be any point…definitely no.

All i can do is ask nicely

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So… Any chance of adding the final skins as some sort of reward in some way, perhaps a tour reward or maybe being in possession of 1,000,000 gears coins ??

Ive asked many times about the toxic set getting completed and never had a response.

I await your reply.

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Seeing how it was handed out on the Horde tournament and now to us, I’d assume they probably marked it as “exclusive” in a way now.

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If it is this exclusive thing as u say then thats rather disgusting.

“Hey gears fans look at this cool weapon set that u cant complete”

Tc needs to get their act together for what ever they try n do next, this bull💩 is unacceptable…

Have a nice day and congrats again👍

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Wow dude easy