All 32 hives Mastered Solo with all 18 classes (total of 576 runs)!

Ah, my bad. I had my Horde hat on!


Congrats on that insane-tier feat.


I was helping by reading chat everyday other day :wink:


Glad to have participated in this challenge! It was fun hanging with everyone, and I got a chance to do things I never thought I would do!

Watching this whole challenge progress was interesting to watch, and everyone did their part in some way shape or form. Some people just routinely grinded out completions of some of the easier hives, others went straight to the tough ones, and some simply did what they could. Not to mention those that had some of the oldest solos simply linking their old vids and inspiring the rest of us!

If I’m being honest, I have to give a big shout out to @TC_MichaelAOS for his continued work on PvE to rebalance various things, many of which are what even made this community Escape challenge possible. The OP4 enemy/player health and damage rebalance (for example making it possible to 1-shot all helmetless drone types with Active Longshots), the OP5 rework of the Ironman modifier to prevent being perpetually reverted back to the lobby, and the OP7 buff to the Promo Classes! Thank you Michael Shannon!

I personally would not have even bothered if not for the PvE support from TC above, especially not if Ironman hadn’t been changed. NO WAY would I have had the patience to go back to lobby after every single death. And I feel like the Promo buffs were what made this challenge even feasible to 100% complete in the first place.

I didn’t contribute many hives like some of the big names already mentioned, but I tried my best at the very beginning to brainstorm and see if it was even possible to beat the intimidating Surge. I only personally did Inflitrator, Nomad, and Protector, but @Siul_S249 did his part too by helping me with Inflitrator as well along with doing the Mechanic and Veteran runs. @CommanderCH2863 gets some of the really big credit however for figuring out a semi-routine way to finish the rest of the weakest classes on that hive! Once I saw the Surge beaten, I knew that this challenge was totally possible!

Thanks to everyone for the support and community interaction, and big thanks to @CommanderCH2863 for the inspiration to complete this challenge! I don’t blame you for not wanting to keep updating the list with rebalanced classes/fixed hive completions. But at this point with what was shown to be possible, it probably wouldn’t matter in the end anyway.

GG y’all!


I am glad I was able to contribute a few runs to this. Sadly couldn’t do more since I haven’t been able to play as much lately.


Well done :+1:

Give these ppl some kinda cool AF reward… Perhaps a new card “master tagger” planting a nade 1st time gets a cheer from marcus sound effect😁




Would u still have tried this with the original iron man mutator…?

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Oh hell no… those 16h I wasted on The Split with Protector probably would’ve turned out to be 160h due to the loading screen. If the Snatcher loading screen were skippable then maybe.


That would have been horrible. I shudder at the thought.


A fantastic accomplishment!

@TC_Shauny In my humble opinion this should be worth a mention in Gears glory


Well done everyone! Although almost all of the runs i did were already done by people I definitely improved myself as a solo escape player.


Its always good to see how differently people approach the same hive.


The concept of mastery was always something core to Escape mode, but this takes it to a whole new level. Congrats!


Congrats. Now try Horde solo as every single class.

It took me 2 weeks alone to get Anchor completed even once.

Also there’s two different modes (and the classic ones) and a bunch of different modifiers which affect some classes more than others.

Not putting myself through that struggle again. For a 1-50 you just have to take a +3h run into account.


Why you can say it such an Easy Way? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m sure The Easiest Map Blood Drive needs to take Hundred of Hours to Finish it, some Trash Classes are sucked in Early Waves, let alone Overload, Command those Speedrun Map.

Be Reminded that No AI is allowed.

If you aren’t self sufficient, able to output good damage, tanky or can hide from damage, you are going to have a bad time.


Congratulations to all those involved, I never thought it would have been possible to do it at the beginning, but there are some fantastic players here and some great strategies.

Well done to all those involved!


Great job, but, man, some of you have waaaaaay too much free time on your hands :grin:

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