Alicia? Are you ok? (Video)

This caught my attention. Alicia Valera is fine in game but it seems she doesn’t quite feel herself in the menus…


Lots of “oh” faces.

I guess you could say she’s feeling “oh” Kay.

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I’ve been noticing this as well. What bugs me the most is that since it’s the end of the line, none of this is going to be fixed.

For their own safety, they best fix these last bugs. Specifically the Black Steel Queen Myrrah’s bare neck.

I noticed this to when going through her emotes. She looks like she might be suffering a stroke of channeling “the Scream” :+1:

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It just keeps getting better.

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0:29 you vile creature
I love you

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yes, I also noticed that on the first day, but it went away. Looked like she had crossed eyes

her eyes were moving like this


@Duffman_GB Haha I thought of that as well mate.

@Jimmeeehhhhh I know.

@SH00BiE_D00 :joy: Come on, I had to!

@Aguzo I know, it’s hypnotising :flushed:


Lmao what the hell did I just watch

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