Aiming Improvement

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to get better aim on gears 5 in a consistent way. I am referring to Gnasher aim specifically both while aiming down sights and in blind fire, Anyone knows of any drills that can be used to improve over the long-term in this case?
Thank you in advance ! : )

The range is really important. Start trying to get the right range before you pull the trigger on pvp and you will notice you were probably firing to soon and wasting your first shot for minimal damage while the other guy waits to get closer and does way more damage with his first shot. This won’t fix everything for you but it’s a simple and good place to start and you will win more duels once you master the range.

I know this isn’t exactly what you asked but obviously your aim will feel more accurate if your shots are doing more damage…

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So heres my age old trick to FPS practice.

You need 2 controller. Go in a custom match with your other controller on another team. You can probably rubberband or tilt the sticks a bit so it isn’t just standing there.

Now just practice, run around killing your guy, testing your gib range, aim, etc.

Try to make your snaps from running to killing faster and faster, etc.

It may sound bland, but this will improve your aim drastically.

Removing the danger of enemy fire allows you to concentrate on the intricacies of your aiming process. You will be able to see exactly where you are lacking.

You can also target specific points around the map, and simply practice on them, such as a sign here, a cover there, that doorway over yonder, etc. These won’t give you an accurate reflection of how much damage you did how fast like an extra toon however.

Again I know it seems dumb, but it’s just like real life man, go to the shooting range. Shoot, you’ll improve.


Learn the range,

Know when to Hard Aim, Quick Tap and Blindfire.

Have divine intervention that your pellets that connect do the appropriate damage.


Popshots go center screen. Hipfires go from the barrell.

Highly recommend going into custom shotgun lobbies and just practicing with other players. Learn the range. Chunk range, 2 shot range, 3 shot range…etc… Practice pop shots and hipfires. Practice bouncing. It’s a good environment to learn in.

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