Aiming . Can you fix it please?

Can my bullets actually go where my reticule is please . Not to the left or under .
Watching the gears in the machine video on the shooting mechanics . This triangle mechanic you’ve put in doesn’t make sense .
If I aim my reticule that’s where I want my bullets to go . But somehow the camera line . The barrel of the gun and the reticule have to make this so called triangle that makes bullets hit people when the reticle is not even aimed on them .
Can you revert to gears 4 settings for it . It’s getting out of hand how people can kill you when not even aiming at you .

Try turning off the aim assist, it actually helps. Most of my shots go where I want them to go. Hit Detection is the main problem for me.

The bullets do always go to the object on which the reticle is resting. The triangle is to illustrate the “flight path” of the projectile from the barrel of the gun to the point the reticle is resting on. It was the same in GOW4, and the wonky aiming “side effects” are inherent when barrel aiming and the over-the-shoulder camera angle are combined.

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