Aiming and Flinch

Hi everyone, bit of a lengthy 2-part question/topic ahead. I have recently been getting back into Gears 4 after taking a hiatus since pretty much a month after release. The game plays fairly similar to Gears 3 even down to the Spanish persuasion in most lobbies.

However, trying to adjust my sensitivities to get a consistent bounce while maintaining shot accuracy has been a challenge. The new addition of the aim acceleration and deadzone settings has seemed to really throw off my aim. Where slight adjustments are too fast, but I’m sometimes too slow trying to track another wall-bouncer or roadie strafe. Does anyone know the number values that would return the acceleration and deadzone values closer to that of Gears 3?

Also, has anyone else noticed the absurd amount of flinch that happens in this game? Most hip-fire and pop shots that would be a guaranteed gib turn into a slight graze after taking slight damage. As a few stray lancer shots from across the map will make your character reel and pretty much aim your shotty into the sky. I don’t remember it being this intense in past games even with the Retro in Gears 3, or am I just remembering things wrong?

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I’ve kept my sensitivities at 30 30 30.
My dead zones, I’ve left them unchanged to get used to by default.
If you’re slow at tracking another player who wall bounced or roadie strafed, you may want to consider higher acceleration sensitivity.
Somewhere around 20 to 30 may be fine.
I’m one of of those people who can wall bounce and roadie strafe, it’s fairly easy for me to get around and behind people.
So higher camera turning sensitivity would be useful.
I don’t know what sensitivities you used for Gears 3 but I’d consider repeating whatever you had from Gears 3 over to Gears 4.

I haven’t noticed much different about the flinching.

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Flinch and screen shake are outrageous. I tweeted Nodezero about it here and he responded:

The smallest amount of damage from a shotgun across the map or a smoke that blew up 30 miles away will whip your camera to the ceiling. If you go frame-by-frame on a clip where you got screen shake from a smoke nearby or flinch, you’ll see how ridiculous it is

Whenever my teammates are down on the ground and someone is trying kill them, I just lancer the enemy and 9/10 times they will miss the shot on the ground because I’m making them flinch constantly.

People call it “choking” when you can’t kill someone right in front of you on the ground, but when it happens to me, it’s always because my bullets went sideways due to flinch

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I think the flinch is a big part of why the gnasher feels so inconsistent. There’s a time and a place for it, and I think it’s good to have against weapons like the Longshot. But, it ruins the gnasher.

Another big element to gnasher inconsistency is the fact that shots can go wildly off center when you are working off cover (wallbouncing, etc). I think it’s meant to add realism but couldn’t fail more in that respect. How on earth would you end up shooting your shotgun into the ground or up in the air? As much as I like the idea of barrel shooting, I feel that TC implements it poorly and I’d much rather have them use center screen, for the sake of consistency.

Thanks for the advice.
My bounce and roadie strafe is still surprisingly good (in my own opinion). My main gripe with tracking in this game is how latency can actually make peoples bouncing and roadie strafes look choppy. Almost as if there’s part of the animations missing. I think I just need to get use to how Gears 4 handles. Also the fact I am definitely rusty at Gears certainly changes things.

That’s another issue entirely, that the connections flat out suck for many of us. The back-A is my bread and butter but I simply can’t use it much anymore because enemies teleport into up-A’s and the animations are choppy from micro lag.

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Yeah, unfortunately TC won’t put any effort to fix bad servers and net-code this late into the games life. At least in previous games you’d be able to get a feel for how the lobby will play out and try to adjust to salvage a decent score.

In about a day and half of playing I can already tell it doesn’t seem to be the case here. Some lobbies will play silky-smooth one round and turn into a dumpster fire the next.