Aimbots in Horde?

Anyone else come across these? I’m 99% sure I’ve just had my first encounter with one. Surely NO sniper is that good that they can consistently hipfire headshot Juvies with the Longshot with NO misses? (There were a few non-headshot kills but these were due to splash damage from using the Explosive Headshot card).

How do you know there’s no misses unless you’re not playing and just watching them? Some of us play Horde to practice these things and I’ve had people comment that I get a surprising number of juvie headshots.

I’m not saying there are no cheaters, but they’re rare and juvie headshots aren’t all that hard for good snipers.

I didn’t write that too clearly - rather than no misses at all I meant to get multiple headshots consistently. The shots were also coming so fast that there would not have been time to reload if a shot were missed, but the occasional miss could have happened.
One round I was dead so I saw on the Ghost Cam (not sure if that’s the right term) that they were hipfiring - they were getting headshots before I could even see what they were aiming at, and their time between shots (i.e. reload time) also seemed abnormally short.
Don’t get me wrong - I’ve played with some phenomenal snipers, but this was something else altogether. By wave 10 they’d scored more than double that of everyone else combined and there were waves when no-one else got a kill.

Did capture anything?

If so, just report the guy with evidence.

If you suspect there is aimbot involved have video evidence, then DM @CoalitionGears on twitter or PM any @forum-mods so they can pass it to TC.

Only they can tell if aimbot was really involved tbh.

Sniper strike??

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That would be funny (not to realize).


It was almost that fast but was so early in the game that it was easy to see that no power was being used, and they weren’t carrying enough on them to cover the cost.
Potential “D’Oh!” moment averted! :smile:

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Lol, just wanted make sure. :smiley:

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Not enough to capture more than a couple of shots, so not really conclusive enough to warrant reporting.
I was planning to quit after wave 10 as it was crazy-boring, but they beat me to it and left immediately after the 10th wave.
It’s not really that big of a deal as public Horde in so many ways is a bigger lottery than even the RNG packs, but I’d never seen it in Horde before and I’ve played almost daily since day 1.
I haven’t even blocked them so maybe we’ll meet again…

Maybe Coalition can keep an eye on the guy.

If he really did, he’ll probably do again. So they can investigate.

Aim bot on horde… … Lol. A new low.


… that looks really suspect…

That second clip especially…
Thanks for linking the videos - the sole clip I have of my encounter is inconclusive at best.

Amazing bot skills right there.

You reported the guy?