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Aim botters still a problem// when will anticheat system be implemented?


(xValtiel) #62

If you really think that then whatever. People have had different exerpiences than you. Yes, the hacking has been a problem snice the beginning. Literally type “Gears 4 aimbotter” and you’ll find plenty of evidence since late 2016-2017. I know, you’ve never ran into any. You’ve had a perfect run. And like I said before, good for you. I’m not one of those lucky ones and I have had plenty of evidence with not one of the mods or TC giving me proper responses.

Of course it happens on games when they die but is that really an excuse for TC or any developer to just go “welp too bad, next game LOL”. Im sure I would want to go back to this (what if Gears 5 is worse) and play it without fear of cheaters running rampant through the servers. This is ridiculous.

(Rundan) #63

Yes, everyone’s experience will be somewhat anecdotal but to a certain degree bold claims just become unbelievable. I have no doubt that you probably came across a hacker before but there’s no way Gears 4 is a hacker fest. It just isn’t. Where’s the evidence? I’ve seen some undeniable proof only a few times in the course of 2 years. And I’m sure there’s more than that but compared to the rest of the community that’s simply negligible.

I’ve ran into 1 hacker in my experience. And I’d call that pretty damn good for playing this game for years straight almost every day. As far as what YouTube has to offer, It only lines up with exactly what I said. There’s just a couple hackers with video’s uploaded maybe a year ago. As far as hackers during launch, again, I only found just a few. And I’m sure they were banned pretty quick. That’s just no where near enough to make is seem like Gears has an epidemic on our hands.
Again, you said this was prevalent; it’s not. I could probably count all the hackers Gears 4 had on one hand. At most, just a little but more. That should just be a given,

I highly highly highly doubt no one gave you a proper response if he was truly hacking. If so, post it here now. We all will report him with evidence,

Never made it out to be an excuse. Was simply just explaining you should expect something like this to happen when a game becomes old. And for the record, Gears has a pretty clean slate compared to other games.

You’re just convincing yourself there’s hackers everywhere now. Is your default that if there’s one person hacking then the game is no longer worth playing? Serious question. What’s your tolerance level.

(xValtiel) #64

You’re accusing me of twisting your words but in return you’re doing the same to me. Never have I stated the game is completely unplayable.

I’ve been playing since the beginning and have had a fairly good time with it (netcode and other issues aside). I said in my OP that the cheating is prevalent still and needs to be fixed better with some sort of anti cheat. I was tired of the people going “oh I only had one hacker so it’s fine”.

My POINT I was originally making was some are luckier than most. I don’t have that mentallity that “I’m losing so they must be a hacker”. It’s just when it happens it’s mega frustrating. Hell I’ve had hackers get to Diamond 5 that have been lurking ranked TDMs.

I’m not trying to make this sound like it’s a ■■■■■■■ epidemic so if it came out that way my bad. I’m just trying to lay down the line that not everyone is experiencing the same thing in terms of hacking. I keep cross play on because I want PC players to have a thriving Gears community so that isn’t changing. There’s these shitters though that ruin it for me some days and it puts me off for a couple of days is all. Especially if it heavily affects your ranking in a match.

If you really want proof I’d gladly share a clip from a couple months ago that I’ve still saved via PM.

(Rundan) #65

I never accused you of twisting my words. And I’m surely not doing it to you. It would be a lot easier if you would reply to me directly and use quotations if you’re going to say things like that. Because otherwise I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m guessing you were referring to the segment in which you talked about Gears 5 being “worse” or having “fear” of cheaters? Ya, that’s not going to be an issue. Gears UE wasn’t a problem, Gears 4 isn’t a problem, and Gears 5 won’t be either. I mean, you said “rampant” hacking as if that’s ever happened in any Gears game ever… When you say things like that you are pretty much insinuating the idea that the game isn’t payable. However, I never said those were your words. You came up with that on your own. Probably because you truly believe that but don’t want to admit it because it’s a ridiculous argument.

I would love an anti cheat system that;s full proof. Fortunately Windows Store Games is almost at that point, Combine that with The Xbox Enforcement Team and its incredibly difficult to be a concurring offender. But is it “prevalent”? Not in the slightest. I think you need to Google what that word means because it’s factually speaking not prevalent.

Not even one hacker should be allowed. But what you are suggesting is the issue I have with this, Are we going to remove Cross-Play entirely because of the almost nonexistent hackers in this game? Like I said, out of the hundreds of thousands of players this Game had, there was only a handful of hackers. Your solution is way too extreme for something like that. And if you’re not suggesting to remove Cross-Play then please let me know what you have in mind.

I’m sure It’s very frustrating. But I don’t think they got to Diamond 5 by hacking. Unless it was a preexisting account or a smurf account that was directly put into Diamond 5 after their first 5 matches. And I’m sure their account was removed. There’s not a chance in hell hackers are getting reported on Xbox and the Enforcement Team did nothing. Most first time offenders and all repeat offenders of hackers on Xbox either get their accounts Perma banned or their console’s completely bricked from going online in any game. Therefore these hackers would have to go out and buy brand new Xbox’s, Xbox Live, and Gears 4 all over again just to hack Gears of War; no that’s not happening.

I completely believe that you may have experienced a hacker. What I don’t believe is that this is happening to you over and over again. I’m not going to put a number on it but over the course of 2 years if you compare the percentages of people you’ve played with against people who were hackers I don’t think that would fit the word “prevalent”.

Wonderful. More people should have that mindset.

And I will gladly back you up and report these people. But I don’t know where they are…

I don’t expect people to take time out of their lives just to satisfy some other dude on the internet. Unlike some people on the forums… So sending me a clip really isn’t necessary. As I said before, I completely believe you. What I’m not on board with is that you’re dealing with this over and over again in a short period of time.

(Scyfeur) #66

why should i have to force close my game instead of the coalition doing their job and incorporating anti cheat software into the game… why should i sit there and waste my time being banned because the game i paid for is broken… EVERY SINGLE other serious PC game i played on has anti cheat software except this one… wow coalition you really care about your fanbase…

(xValtiel) #67

You know, fine. I’m really trying to be patient about this so I’m only saying this and never again. If you don’t believe i’ve ran into hackers I can count with both hands then don’t. I know people that were with me that have experienced it by my side so I don’t need your approval.

TL;DR on all of my posts. Have Anti Cheat. Thanks a goodbye.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #68

My Diamond 4 friend was getting beat up in private VS last night and swore the opponent was cheating so I was asked to spectate. The opponent was just a good player. He knew where players tend to move and got most of his “impossible” headshots by just pre-aiming. Lancer was the same way. He’d position himself brilliantly and catch my friend every time he moved out of cover. My friends kept raging about "because he’s on PC ". No, he was just a smarter player.

I do wish TC implemented anti-cheats though, to put the whole thing to bed.

(Krylon Blue) #69

Ah, the typical platform excuse. I’ve dealt with a few obvious cheaters but the majority don’t do so. But negative experiences will usually be remembered more so people complain and think everyone’s cheating rather than admitting they’re just not as good as that player.

(HoesEatOreos) #70

all i read every game is “reportado”

then i replied back in english, “report what ? u getting your ■■■ kicked?”


(Krylon Blue) #71


The only one that are “cheating” and deserve “reportado” are them. That high ping advantage is so cheap. Lol.

(HoesEatOreos) #72

next time i will reply back with

“yo no habla espanol“

(Krylon Blue) #73

There was this guy on the other team yesterday and when they were getting whooped he told us “that’s okay you can have it”. He hid in the hangar on Fuel Depot and I threw grenades at him which forced him into my Gnasher. He told us “you suck” and “my team sucks”. This Onyx 2 sure had a high opinion about himself. :joy:

(Rundan) #74

Why? That’s a little immature.

I said probably 3 times that I believe you ran into hackers before. I don’t believe this is happening to you on a regular basis. That’s not possible.

No you don’t. But what’s the point if you’re just going to live in La La Land?

There already is a pretty effective Anti-Cheat.

(Metal Gear Mo) #75

LOL “You can have it…” Like we didn’t already take it.

(Krylon Blue) #76


That dude was a character. Your responses were top notch.

(HoesEatOreos) #77

the worst is when my teammate was talking crap to me midgame
when 2v2 gnasher when he had 3 kills and i had 11 kills saying i was playing slow despite me carrying him

then he said but who got the last kill ? lol

i still had 13 kills at the end and he only had 4 or 5…he said earlier he hasn’t played in two months due to Fartnite

(Krylon Blue) #78

Eeeewwww, Fartnite.

runs off to play Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

(III EnVii III) #79

I know it has millions upon millions of players but I just don’t get the Fascination with Fortnite!

(EVIL 0NE) #80

Hey everyone…

So on this board, we do not discuss these kinds of exploits on this board. If you feel you are being abused by someone using these kinds of tool. Please, please, gather video proof and you can send a DM to @CoalitionGears on twitter, or PM a @forum-mods so it can be properly handled.

Thank you.

(EVIL 0NE) closed #81