Aim botters still a problem// when will anticheat system be implemented?


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I may have inadvertently ran into some aimbotters last night but not 100% on it. KOTH match, everybody on my squad is PC so I’m thinking oh cool. Game starts and over time it became too easy. I was cappin but at the same time noticing 2 of my team kept running back and forth to spawns (blood drive) and getting headshots after headshots. Then within 5 minutes, the opposing team just quitted. I didn’t die once so I didn’t get to see it from their POV. But I knew something was eerie in the air as it has never been this easy.

No wait… Something was fishy. (Sorry couldn’t resist)

But yeah if true, would be the first time I’ve seen aimbotters in the last couple months. I think their names was something along the line of SkinnyRat and Marlboro72 but I’m not exactly sure. They could have been like really REALLY good so idk lol. I asked in global chat, ‘aimbot?’ and they ALL were like nahhhh fam. 🤷

Are aimbotters common?
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I’m unfamiliar with the names… so doubtful unless smurf accounts.

Not that I know every PC player, just that it is a relatively small population compared to Xbox that regularly play every day. There’s a really, really small handful of players that are suspicious, if not already confirmed. A lot of times they will not use it if they are not playing on a smurf or if they know they are at risk of being caught (by another PC ‘regular’ being in the game and calling their ■■■■). You’ll catch more in social imho than you will in ranked… (likely on smurf).

They don’t like having their primary account banned.

And when I say they… I’ve seen 2 personally… so it’s not a big they…

The best part about this, if you do a search for gow4 hacks and check into them…, these idiots are paying for it. I kind of chuckle thinking they have to re-purchase after every security update to the game on the backend… So they maybe only get a month or two out of it.

I dunno what constitutes a bigger loser than that.

For anyone interested in seeing what it actually looks like in game when you are actually playing against one:
(Posting external so nobody is butthurt about names in the forum…even though TC themselves confirmed it publicly that this account was cheating and was banned multiple times across platforms.)
Here’s a vid

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That happens with cross region play.

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weird how can the lancer be so accurate from that distance even with an aimbot

i’m wondering because normally aimbots aim for the head that’s why many use the boltok for the easy headshots…with the spread of the lancer they way they are firing it just seems weird they down that fast

(Christ Commando) #46

My uneducated guess would be that the spread is calculated locally and those files can be manipulated. Wouldn’t even be surprised if damage was calculated locally.

Frankly, I doubt gears ever gets an effective anti cheat. EAC/Battleeye are both reasonably expensive and I have doubts the franchise sustains a large enough population to make it a worthwhile venture. Similar to black ops getting crap servers tick rates, a lot of these games are really only played the month of release with a drastic decline in population thereafter.

I don’t even know if battleye works with uwp. I know Microsoft has its own anti-cheat, but I have to question the effectiveness of it. It probably does little more than check file integrity.

Edit: I watched your video and that has to be it. The cheater modified the damage values on the gun, they must be calculated locally.

Edit2: The kill cam registers it as 11 hits to down, so my guess would be rate of fire and spread have been modified.

(AliceInChainsaw) #47

Latency issues can cause some funky things but they are still legitimate actions that the clients are receiving after communicating with server. We on the client end may disagree with it based on what we saw though. Which sucks in the fairness area because how were you supposed to know you were actually 3 steps behind where you visually saw you were?

That vid is not legitimate activity. That is a client dictating to the server what happened or how much damage/spread a rifle has.

Both are frustrating but one is nefarious and consistent through the entire match.

(Slipping Flames) #48

Can’t believe you kept playing. Didn’t look like fun.

(AliceInChainsaw) #49

Ahh, that wasn’t my clip :wink:, that was gnashtyninja. I don’t know him/haven’t heard of him unless he changed his name to something else since then but that clip is tied to a thread that TC confirms that person was cheating and had multiple accounts banned so I wanted to use that as the example rather than speculative footage…

This one would be one of my own experiences. (Though not officially confirmed…)Some of it is latency - in fact I think some of the misses on his end were due to latency. He previously went by mjln 605 or something apparently and that acct was banned as well.

(Slipping Flames) #50

Lol. Brutal. Sorry about confusion on the other video. I can’t hardly read any gamer tags on a phone screen anymore. I assumed and we know where that gets us…

(AliceInChainsaw) #51

no worries

(xValtiel) #52

This still is a problem and the people that are not worried about it is hilarious. “I’ve only had it happen once.” Good for you. I’ve had it happen over a dozen times. Just because you don’t have bad luck doesn’t mean everything is fine. I can’t believe an anti-cheat hasn’t happened yet. This needs to be looked into.

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That’s pretty brutal

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It really isn’t a problem. It’s just annoying when it happens and gets talked about a lot so it seems like its more prevalent. I mean, compared to PC games, we get hackers in just about every FPS game. We had hackers on CoD WW2 on launch day that went un-banned for months, Gears 4 is pretty much at its end so its gonna be more prone to hacking now then ever. But still its just a small percentage.

My biggest gripe about PC gaming is hackers.

(HoesEatOreos) #55

i think i saw videos of that guy on youtube …he used an aimbot for sure

(Krylon Blue) #56

We ran into a cheater but at first we didn’t think he was one until we were about to win the game. He has 480 gamer score and has played Gears 4 for a day. My friends who share the same connection got disconnected just as were about to win because their router magically rebooted. Once they got back in not even a minute went by and another teammate got booted from the game because his router rebooted. I was then killed by a Lancer with what felt like an aim bit but I didn’t record a video because it didn’t give me an option which seems to only happen in very rare instances. I’m going to message The Coalition with his gamer tag and have them look into his gameplay records and see what they can find. It’s possible it was lag related so obviously not name shaming him (I sent the name to a mod) but it was unlike anything my friends and I have ever experienced before.

Side note, he was talking so much crap during the match through the universal chat. What a joke.


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Yes i dont want to play with pc aim bots i hope tc remove pc players in gears 5

(HoesEatOreos) #58

just turn off ranked cross play

(xValtiel) #59

This has happened from the beginning and it’s still prevalent now. This isn’t anything new and it’s gotten worse. Since when has cheating become “not an issue”? Hell, this crap has been happening in other Gears titles. It’s time to make some changes.

(Ssj Yam) #60

I strongly believe the people that claim that this is not a problem have crossplay turned off, or do not get matched up against teams of onyx 3 console players and a pc player ranked silver with 30 gamer score.
As stated before I play with good friends that play on pc. I hate to think that the answer to aim bots would be alienating my friends. Also, where does that leave the pc community in general, which has already suffered with driver issues.

I propose that a big improvement would be penalizing the players that are also benefiting in connection with the aim botter. For example, the players that would 5 man que consistently with someone that is found to aim bot should also face some repercussions as well because they too are benefiting from the cheater. It is disheartening to see a full team of diamonds unable to leave spawn because the silver pc player on the other team with 30 gamerscore hits either a dome or body shot with pistols or snipe.

(Rundan) #61

This definitely has not been happening from the begging, minus the 1 or 2 cases that can be made. And how do you define prevalent? Because prevalent to me would be at least once a day at the very least. And there’s no way you’re match making with a hacker once a day. This isn’t Battle Field 4.

As games get older hackers tend to gravitate towards them because Developers spend more time and resources on their next development rather than monitoring reports being made, However this is an Xbox game so Xbox Enforcement is also available. So if someone is truly “hacking” then report them and if they go unpunished well, there’s a 99.9999% chance he’s not actually hacking. I’ve spoken with Enforcement Team members which is impossible to reach and they have tools that basically make it almost impossible to get away with hacking.

Well, if you don’t misrepresent my words then you would know I meant it’s not an issue in regards to how it’s such a rarity in Gears. And it is. Not that I have a tolerance for cheating.

Other Gears titles? You mean the Xbox exclusive titles? Ya I don’t think any cheating is going on there.

Listen, just report people if you think they’re hacking. Or clip it and post it here and ask for a mod to help.