Aim botters still a problem// when will anticheat system be implemented?



First off I’m not implying you’re a cheater from that quote, but that’s our whole problem as console players. We can’t change something to make our weapons actually fire faster, true we can change button schemes or whatever. But that’s using a borderline rapid fire modded controller that PC’ers aren’t gonna get banned for using. I know it’s just the difference in using a controller vs kb/m but that’s just one of the problems of crossplay. And as long as the majority of the Gears community is console based there’s gonna be none of this force turned on crossplay, TC knows the hack/aimbotters would drive away 80% of the real fanbase.

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Yup. Already made a discussion about my pistol to get feedback. The vast majority’s opinion is it’s not cheating, but console users should be able to block PC players as it’s not fair. I agree. PC has too many advantages, that just being one of them.


True. I try to stay open minded about the whole console vs PC controversy lol. Simply because I look at it like why limit our fanbase/community/player pool to entirely one system user base? I say the more variety of players to play against the better. But I also don’t like gettin my ■■■ kicked by someone who has all these ever so slight advantages that add up to a lot then compounded by one or four others on the same squad, on PC, with the same ever so slight advantages, that’s the point where mf’ers start gettin mad and start hatin. If there were some way that PC players had to use a controller or there was a way where everyone in a crossplay match had to use either controller or kb/m that would kinda even the playing field. Granted that wouldn’t stop the hacks/aimbots but you gotta start somewhere to bridge this widening gap in 2 different groups of people, who at the end of the day love Gears.

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And as a PC gamer, I can say that I wouldn’t be interested in a game that forced that upon me. I think many of my PC buds would agree. KBM is what’s comfortable for us, many get used to their increased FOV, Ultra-wide resolution, higher frames, etc. As you said, it’s a bunch of little things that add up.

I think this is the best we’re going to get, which is console users having the option to block. I 100% get what you’re saying, that in ranked matches everyone should be on equal ground, and I even agree with it… but I think the PC demographic for this game would die instantaneously if they ever did something like that.

Pic of what I see vs my budd on console when we were playing campaign together:


Glad we can see eye to eye and appreciate the other’s ideas. And I didn’t realize till seein your pic and actually thinkin about it how much of a visual advantage PC’ers get as well. Damn, might have to start playin on a PC myself lol, jk. And I don’t wanna see the PC’ers alienated and lose interest in what truly is an awesome franchise because of the multiplayer imo.

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I keep crossplay off; Less to do with actual cheating and more about the unfair hardware advantages.

Xboxes all have identical hardware (within each model), insuring equal processing power, memory, and network adapters which are providing an initial level playing field between one another. The advantage/disadvantage break down to variables with ISPs, modems, routers, server proximity and player’s skill. (We already know hardwiring is the way to go vs wifi)

PCs however have new hardware being developed constantly so at any point in time since the xbox was initially manufactured they are potentially outperforming every xbox unit out there. Some will argue that their PC build makes no difference and that it all boils down to the game itself but if that were the case, no one would ever need to upgrade their PC beyond Xbox specs if this was all they were playing.

Plus on a PC you have more in-depth customization and can adjust things like Field of View to see further around corners, remap triggers to mouse wheels for ridiculous rapid fire, etc. Again, things like that give a definite advantage but are not technically cheating.

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And that’s exactly the boat I was in. Before MS turned on crossplay for us?.. It was truly sad, man… You’d see the same group of 50 or so players every day, just getting into a match took minutes of searching, and ranked?.. Forget about it. Anything except TDM was completely dead. You were more than likely the only person in that playlist and even getting into TDM was absurdly long.

I love this franchise, and I’ve been with it since the beginning, but my platform preference simply changed and I thought I was gonna’ miss out on these games in the process. I’m thankful for what it is now vs before the days of cross-play.

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I can’t use xbox controller to get out of a paper bag… so I definitely wouldn’t play if it were required on pc.

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I don’t find any major advantages on PC. If anything I play worse on PC as the gameplay feels “off” but so consistent on Xbox. Hard to explain.

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I’ve had exactly two matches with aim butters, they were the same people and back to back. This is in 50+ days of multiplayer

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It’s much harder to hack Windows Store Games than something like Steam or Origin games. I’ve only seen one hacker on Gears 4. It’s really not an issue. It’s such a small percentage I can’t even see why it’s worth mentioning.

Chances are OP Encountered some try hard PC players that were in a squad. There’s always a possibility they were hacking but if there’s no footage to prove it then my default is they’re not hacking. It just simply doesn’t happen in Windows Store Games other than your cherry picked cases.

Now, when it comes to steam games like CoD or Origins Battle Field … That’s hacked out as hell.

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I’ll say, that gat dang UWP folder and its permissions are aggravating. Not for cheat purposes but for general messaboutisms or dealing with issues like the double install…

MS needs to learn from Valve or EA in terms of ease of use and then implement security properly.

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UWP is pretty bad. Even their Xbox app for PC crashes and doesn’t load. I can’t send a message on PC. It actually works better on my phone

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The screwed up part is the application on my iPhone X isn’t perfect either. It would freeze and force close if I left the application while on the messaging tab. I factory reset my phone to see if maybe it was a phone issue but it wasn’t. Recently, I did another factory reset because I was having issues with getting notifications for new voicemails and it fixed my issue with the Xbox app for a few days but it’s now back to doing the silly nonsense again.

No other applications have this issue. So annoying.

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I use the beta version (also available in store) only because you can’t upload videos on the non-beta unless you use the xbox dvr nonsense.

I use geforce experience to record and I guess that makes it a “3rd party” clip. On the non-beta version you can’t upload this because it isn’t tied to any specific game or whatever.

Using the beta version I can move the clip into the xboxlive video folder and can choose the clip and then select what game it is from.

That is literally the only benefit I see to it… it otherwise works just as god awful as the non-beta.

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It’s a complete mess all around. Even my Xbox X can’t open up applications. I just hope next Gen everything gets built from the ground up.


I just upload to Onedrive from my Xbox and then download onto my PC.
I use the Xbox App just to record short clips when I’m gaming on PC but even then it doesn’t work from time to time or the file gets randomly corrupt. I’'m too lazy to get familiar with Geforce Experience. I use their FPS counter and that about it. Aside from their driver updates.
Speaking of which, After getting two RTX 2080TI’s I’m not getting anymore crashes. I only got crashes on the 10 series and older.

(AliceInChainsaw) #38

Right on,

It is super simple to use if you do want to- just look at where it saves the files/change if necessary.

Then look at/change the hotkeys for record and for replays.

You can also edit the quality of those two things. (24/60fps - 720/1080, etc)

I mainly just use the 5 minute replay option. Whenever something cool/stupid happens that I want I just hit the hotkey and it saves the last 5 minutes to X drive… then I can do whatever with it afterward.

2 RTX 2080’s?

hot damn.

Have 1060gtx - crashes randomly… not every time… It’s a lottery.

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Must be 10 series cards because I’m not having any issues post upgrade

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There is no aimbotting, stop making excuses for your ego and relax.

(AliceInChainsaw) #41

There is, but it’s 1/1000 cases tho.

A game that doesnt crash and have latency issues is a more pressing issue.