Aim-Assist on Controllers - Why not on PC

Dear @Surly_McGruff and Members,

my name is Patrick and because of a big handicap it gets harder every day to play games. Since 25 years I’m playing games and I am only 30 years old and I loved it all this years.
Because of missing help from the games, I don’t even know how how much time I have, maybe years or months or even worse. Since years I’m looking for things to make playing for disabled people a better place.
I know tons of hardware but that isn’t enough. Due to this reason I need your help, the help of every single developer to help us.

Unfortunately some things on the pc are misunderstood and I want to share my experience with you and perhaps you see what I mean.
Surely you’ve heard about aim-assists in shooters, don’t you? Fans are upset like “you’re a cheater, you should get banned”.
For them it is unfair against others, what it normaly is. But why are they arguing? On Consoles with controllers there is already an aim-assist and it also helps disabled people.
In my case I can’t use a normal controller and I’m not the only one. On the pc there is no aim assist and I can’t play either because of this.

Why not implement an aim assist on pc? An idea of mine looks like that. The problem is that aim-assists in public lobbys, for example in call of duty multiplayer partys, destroy the feeling of the game
because of not being fair. But what is with private lobbys to play with friends? Why is there no option? We know each other and the aim-assist helps to get a little bit more even and leveld. An aim-assist
wouldn’t be unfair. Or why there is no help in singleplayer? I’ve tried to play gears 5 on my own, but I can’t, unfortunately. What prevents, that there is a helpfor disabled people? Then I’m able to play your games. I really like that you have an extra menu for disabled people, but something essential is missing. And if a gamer with no handicap uses this feature and ruins his experience it is his fault. And I don’t see anything that this isn’t possible, except for public multiplayer lobbys. I know it would be possible. I hope you can understand a little bit better if you
think about that. Everyone of you should think about that. The question is "Why are we have an aim-assist on controllers and on pc not, and why we don’t made it? With the knowledge that only the public multiplayer need it.

It would be great if this would be implemented. It will help so many people. And I hope you can see this.

With no more words to share I’m hoping to get an answer what are your and the others here thaugts about it.
Best wishes

This is a console title. TC makes sure Console players are given buffs. Aim assist is one of them. Ridicouls bullet magnetism that curve walls. Stronger lancer fire. Poke damage which pc players to not get. To ensure console players have the upper hand.

Console players moan and grown about PC players. But that’s the truth. Just try to adapt. Maybe change up your keybind as best as you can. Lower mouse sensitivity.

There is aim assist on PC/controller. Controller plugged into PC functions the same as controller plugged into Xbox.



Thats not right, due to the game is also available on windows 10. For players like you it may be the case, but not for people like me. I have’nt the change to adept, because of my disability, that’s the reason I write this. And what is the problem with aim-assist in singleplayer or private lobbys, there is no reason. Also it is a help for controller players keeping up with pc peripherals. Therefore it is already a helping hand.

Aim-Assist has a very different role in singleplayer or public multiplayer with rankings and whatever. Just think about it :wink:

Yes, thats funny! Not!

But what if playing with controller isn’t possible at all? Another good idea?
Many people with disabilitys can’t use the controllers like you can. Then you will understand my opinion in getting aim-assist.

Not sure what your disability is, but there are hybrid controllers like this one.

That was intentionally my idea aswell. But that doesn’t help unfortunately.

That may be right, but why is it working on a tiny bit of other games? Tomb Raider for example had no issue with that, on hipfire that doesn’t worked there aswell. But if looked through the scope the curser snapped to the body and only when I were 50 - 100 pixels away from the target. That this is destroying the immersion your planing is right, but only for the “normal” players. For people like me that wouldn’t destroy the immersion, but it would let me experience the game, otherwise we cant do that, unfortunately. That’s not something that you need to do, but you’ve already some kinds of features for handicapped people.

Don’t look to me for details or answers. I just linked a relevant post directly from the gameplay designer.

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I don’t, I think it’s important to think about that, not only the developers, also the players.
There is a wide gap between aim-assist for cheating and aim-assist which is needed because of not being able to play. That’s also important, not only for one group of people, just to think about :wink:

You don’t need to think about it. Just ask Jamie directly.

Considering TC has put a bunch of accessibility settings into Gears 5, I’m sure they could consider doing this for the game or at least Gears 6 as an optional accessibility feature for people like you.

What? How? I thought the easiest way is to get to the official forum :wink:

I mean there is nothing against it, because it doesn’t interfere the normal players. You just have to explain that this is only for players who need it and it potentionelly destroys the intential experience for normal players. Then you can decide yourself :wink: And as mentioned above, this is necessary except for public multiplayer. We just want to play the campagne, perhaps a coop campaign and that isn’t bad at all :wink:

And not only TC is one of the developers with accessibiliy settings, there are a few and also really big ones like Ubisoft, or also Turn 10 from Forza. No Aim-Assist I guess, but needed things :wink:

Ask Jamie directly on the forum. I see you know how to use “@“. Just put his name there to tag him. Make your request directly.

For better understanding. I create a new post to Jamie and write to him? Or something like a personal message in the forums? And what is his name here in the forums?

Sorry for asking, I’m having a little bit trouble to get it all right. I’m german, a little bit tricky. I hope my english wasn’t that bad.

No just tag him in any post in this thread. He’s Surly McGruff (his name is in the thread I linked earlier in this thread. You should read it). He’ll see it.

Having an option to turn on aim-assist for mouse users for a private lobby is something we can look at. It wouldn’t be a high priority, but I can make sure it gets on the backlog as something to consider for a future TU should we have the bandwidth.

Thanks for bringing this up @Zockanatic



Great, just that you know. I think that this could work just fine in singleplayer or coop campaign.
Doesn’t need to be in high priority. I’m glad to hear that you make sure it gets in the backlog.

You won’t be the only developer with this request. I wrote about 50 developers with this topic.
Alright, thank you so far :wink:

My good friend @Zockanatic welcome to the forums at Gears of War… without a doubt you’ll have a blast here reading our stand up comedy routines and shows.

Great to have you here :slight_smile:

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