Aim ASSist not necessary

Please, please, please remove aim assist (adhesion, whatever its called) on rank. Shots that normally land on GoW4 don’t land or come out of the same area of your screen in 5. Feels better in Escalation and Execution but i prefer KOTH. New casual players do not need training wheels, and core players are getting punished by the assist. No point in wall bouncing if you’ll get gibbed in one shot by shots that wouldn’t have killed you (missed shots) in every other installment.


I’m fairly certain you would say the opposite if you played with a controller and had no aim assist.

Basically every shooter, including every Gears and Halo game, has had aim assist and will continue to do so. This assist is added in due to the nature of using a joystick and the accuracy/sensitivity of them.

I think we can all agree that certain things are wrong about the way this game handles aiming and shots going off in their intended direction. But aim assist isn’t your beef. This is coming from a G4 Diamond 4 player and a current Diamond in G5.

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The aim adhesion is new though and he’s completely right about that.

TC said they’ll probably remove adhesion all together soon and adhesion wasn’t in previous gears games.

Posts like this (the OP, not yours) have been part of the problem though. We’ve all been campaigning for adhesion to be removed, but the majority aren’t asking for the right thing to be removed, as they aren’t aware of the different components that make up the aim assist package as a whole


Genuinely curious, has TC ever stated what they mean by “aim adhesion”? I know they had a problem with PVE bullet magnetism values implemented into Versus but that was changed awhile ago.

Fairly certain there is still aim assist in Execution and Escalation, however it’s more similar to previous Gears values as compared to the core playlists.

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They have indeed.

In layman’s terms, it helps keep your crosshair focused on a moving target.

That is literally just a description of aim assist…I find it hard to believe they’re saying aim “adhesion” wasn’t in previous Gears games.

You can find out their definition of adhesion here:

So they’re saying it’s a mechanism of aim assist (which is true), not a completely separate concept which is fine. Any link to where they said it was never in previous Gears games or that they plan to turn it off?

If it’s from a livestream then don’t bother, but I find it very hard to believe they would say that.

Normally in Gears, the camera would slow down a bit when you aim at an enemy. This time, the camera actually tracks them to a degree.

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Yeah that’s aim assist or adhesion whatever they want to call it, they’ve said the values had been increased from previous games and in game that is obvious.

The one thing I’m not understanding is them apparently stating it was never in previous Gears games or that they plan on possibly removing it. Just want to see a clip or article where TC says that as I can’t find one.

To remove it would be to remove aim assist, if they mean to reduce the angle of the cone which “sticks” or adheres to an enemy hit box that makes more sense (as it’s how it was in previous Gears and can be seen in competitive tuning).

Its no so difficult. As Execution and Esc 2.0, every mode on ranked modes should be played with aim assist disabled. Matter settled.

Reasons? We talk about Ranked, no help should be allowed. It belongs to quickplay modes where rockies learn to play. Then, if you love to play some modes at a time, its a mess when you change it because every weapon, and above all gnasher , are so different. Even if they have same damage, every changes: timing, distances, ways to play. Also it divides a lot the community like happened in G4.

Aim assist makes games less enjoyable and boring. They also should add damage by distance to the gnasher and reduce its gib range which now is ridiculously big. So added to aim assist, we have people with no skills running and shooting with no sense and no learning curve.

Please, let TC this here or in twitter. I cant handle sawed off shotguns anymore. Exactly how many people play G5 now.


Agree, the pop shot or hard aim counts for nothing anymore, and it’s full of lancering noobs it needs nurfed plus the mace needs deleted or even replaced by hammer of dawn or sawnoff just no need in this game this is a 18 plus game aimed at kids

Yea sorry for my choice of words but i meant aim adhesion. They said in one of the developers stream that they haven’t had aim adhesion in previous gears but aim assist has always been around BUT that it IS stronger in this one. I think they should tune it down to GoW4 or GoW3 status. I just find myself having actual good longer shotty battles on ESC/EXE.

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Ryan offered a quick summary of the different mechanisms covered by aim assist in this post.

Adhesion is new to Gears 5. I believe he also stated in the same thread adhesion is turned off along with most of the magnetism in competitive modes, e.g. Escalation.

Because it wasn’t. As I literally just said in my last post.

if you prefer the feel of no aim assist they are gonna let players turn it off which will give you rank bonus