Aim assist needs to go

So why does aim assist even exist. Yall give bad players a handicap, are u ■■■■■■■ serious. IDC if its on qp BUT DISABLE THAT ■■■■ ON RANKED. If you can use aima assist in ranked whats the ■■■■■■■ point of actual AIMING SKILL if the game does part of it for u… dont get me started on all the BS i experience from trash player no movement just hip firing

You realise without any aim assist you wont be able to hit ANYTHING with a controller, aim assist was literally made for console games because you couldnt hit anything otherwise.

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Why insult me? I do know how to aim, I am just saying that without aim assist you cannot actually hit things on a controller, aim assist is not new.


Closing, OP please follow the forum rules and provide constructive feedback, and refrain from attacking other users.