AIM ASSIST needs to be looked at before tuning the weapons

i see.

i was never a fan precise shot spread, i would say that changing the recoil back is an acceptable change, was never a fan of fixed values, lots of players can just learn it and never really miss

i’m not sure, while i haven’t seen any comparisons and ivenever played 4, ive read many a post about people saying the aim assist in gears 5 is turned up to 11 compared to gears 4, so im just going by what many people have stated

think of it this way, the faster TC tones down the assist and the adhesion, the faster we can start focusing on other issues and balancing :slight_smile:

I’m not really gonna read all this, no offense just busy with life.

Although I’d like to point out, I never stated anyone could see me. I was blindly lancered down, that takes no skill.

it would probably take you a minute or 2 to read those responses, but its up to you

i know you said they couldnt see you, i still dont see what your point is. smoke grenades offers only concealment , it offers no protection, and you have 4 players shoot into it. theres no way you can justify that its not your fault or that you should survive that

most players will instantly shoot into the smoke the moment its seen, you were too predictable, you have to wait a few seconds and then move through the smoke,

I did :open_mouth: they just sprayed the entire smoke. You’re missing the point bud.

i really dont see the point, youre not guranteed to survive just because you have concealment