AIM ASSIST needs to be looked at before tuning the weapons

based on the recent thread “a message to our players”, they mentioned above that they are tuning weapons. i honestly think they are getting ahead of themselves here.

they need to fix the damn aim assist before they even begin to think about touching the weapons. aim assist whats causing an issue with these weapons to begin with.

aim assist is already lethal from a distance, but becomes down right broken the closer the target is . if you play with a mouse an keyboard you HAVE to keep your distance against pad players in upclose gnasher battles, you’ll lose that engagement more times than you’ll win it

as for the lancer, tbf the weapon isnt really that bad to begin with, in the end of the day what stops most lancers is good positioning or not trying to shotgun rush an enemy in a straight line , you just have to be aware of your surroundings and have a way out. its that simple

they already nerfed the markza, and claimed it was overperforming, so they increased recoil and shots to 5, with their reasoning being “its too easy to land shots”, well is it the rifles fault that the aim assist makes it that easy?

back to the lancer, every other pickup bullet based weapon outclasses it anyway, it really not as bad as people make it out to be

enforcer > lancer - close - mid range
boltok > lancer - any range
gnasher/over kill > lancer - close range duh
markza > lancer - any range
hammer burst ? lancer - (not sure about this one though), havent picked up the hammer burst enough to give input
longshot > lancer - mid - long range
Retrolancer > any range ( and has a better melee attack)

so i really dont get it

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Just to be clear. It’s not auto aim.

It’s aim assist with “adhesion”. Meaning it’ll “stick” to targets for you.

It’s important we use the right terminology when making these posts, otherwise TC can brush it off by saying “there’s no autoaim”, as they have done continually since launch.

They’ve admitted there is aim adhesion, and that’s what we should be campaigning for to be reduced or removed.


thanks for the advice, i edited the post

but as far as the point is concerned, do you agree or disagree?, would like to hear your opinion

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Oh I fully agree. 100%

This is the reason the lancer feels so strong, because people rarely miss now, because the game is sticking their aim to targets. The lancer doesn’t need a nerf, the aim adhesion does. It needs to be nerfed across the board.


You missed that one in your edit. :+1:

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and it sucks, because im a mouse player, even with how precise the mouse is- im still human, i make mistakes, i dont land every shot i take

the aim assist makes the damn difference

omg really?!!, holy crap, do you have a link to this statement/information?, oh wait i misread that, i thought i read that they will be removing it

i got my hopes up there

Aim adhesion AKA sticky aim

Also known as abdominal adhesions, they make your normally slippery internal tissues and organs stick together. They can also twist and pull your small or large intestines, causing obstructions. And that can cause pain.

They did say in the last developer stream (if you look on their twitch account, you’ll find it) that they are going to reduce the adhesion across the board. But by how much, I don’t know.

I can’t recall the timestamp, but it’s when they are talking about aim assist, adhesion and the current power of the lancer.

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i found it

on exactly 39:30

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They should reduce the aim assist entirelt for ranked play. Or just tune it for auto fire weapons. Precision rifles and power weapons should be all manual.

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I wish it were all gone. The aim assist and adhesion all together. It’s a B**** fighting for control

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Good positioning to outplay a lancer?

I am going to make some assumptions and I’m sure you’ll come back and tell me how I’m all wrong OP but, I’ve been diamond in TDM, Guardian, and KOTH on Gears 4.

I’ve gnashered and lancered, mostly gnasher though, roughly 93%.

And never once while playing against other individuals of diamond “caliber” have I nor anyone in my squad been able to “better position” against a 5 man lancer squad. That logic is utterly ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■. At the point in which more then 2 people are lancering the match becomes a camp fest and holding down alleys/lanes. Also

-Which is why these maps suck, and honestly most of Gears 4 maps sucked too, they have been encouraging lancer play so often it’s been discouraging to clearly a large amount of all of Gears player base.

But there’s CLEARLY a problem with the lancer you SPAWN with that has 60 rounds and can shoot down and KILL someone in 11 rounds.

If 5 people are shooting at you, then you go down almost instantly.

I was on district 2 days ago, grabbed embar, and within maybe a second had 4 lancers on me, in smoke, and went down almost instantly.

They couldn’t even see me and yet I went down and died almost instantly.

That’s a huge issue, and if you can’t see that then you’re in denial or you’re delusional. Again, not a personal attack or anything, just my opinion.

I disagree. What makes you think you should be able to superman shrug off 40+ bullets? What happened was supposed to happen. Focus fire from more than one person and it should be deadly. The real issue would be is if you survived that. What’s broken and not has to be defined in 1v1 scenarios. There are simply times when some guns outperform others.

Now concerning bullet magnetism…yeah that’s garbage.

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i’ve also been diamond in Gears 5 TDM, i was about to rank up from there before the game de ranked me

appeal to authority isnt a valid argument

sounds like a map issue then, more so than a weapon issue, also smoke grenades help tremendously with making plays and re positioning

plus there are alot of map pickups/power weapons that can get people out of heavily defended areas, are you not utilizing those?.

no, not really, ive shot someone 11 times and have had people power through that and one shot kill me with a gnasher, so it depends, there are too many variables to consider other than just your anecdotal scenario

dont see whats wrong with that… what were you expecting honestly?

i still fail to see what was wrong with that, 4 players lancered you and you think you shouldn’t go down?.. wtf?, just because players cant see you through smoke doesnt mean the bullet isnt going to harm you… come on

in the end of the day, you keep complaining about the lancer, but lets just say we gave everyone any other weapon like a markza for example, do you not think if 5 players who shoot you with a markza isnt going to get the same results?

there is no excuse dude, if more than one player is shooting you, youre not in a good position

IKR. if you have 5 people lancering you down, then he needs to re evaluate his positioning

IMO what has broken the Lancer are a combination of factors, that all add up to a weapon that is borderline OP, depending on the subjectivity of the player…

The Lancer spread is now more focused, rather than “flowering” out as it has in all past games, making it more accurate from all ranges. This, in combination with the aim adhesion, head shot damage multipliers, and bullet magnetism, make this weapon just too much in a 5v5 game mode. The reason that the TTK is way down is because the weapon is still an 11 shot down (no head shots) as it was in Gears 4, but the weapon is more accurate now, so 11 shots is too easy to hit because of the above mentioned factors.

Let me just say, I’m all for having a weapon that rewards support play, but the current iteration of the Lancer does need a nerf.

This comment, plus the fact that they just nerfed the gun… makes me wonder what the hell I am doing wrong when I pick it up. I swear, I will land five bullets on someone, with a shot or two being headshots, and I still can’t get a down.

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and we need to look at all the other factors first before we start nerfing weapons

accuracy is indeed great. but i would attribute that mostly due to the adhesion of this aim assist, i wouldnt say its completely fault of the rifle itself

while i understand you want it nerfed, in what way does the lancer needs a nerf?, damage?, recoil?, ammunition?,

but anyway, as i said, i strongly and whole heartedly recommend weapons to not be touched till we get the aim assist toned down, then we can start seeing players miss shots and then these guns wont be as OP and can have a proper discussion

I do agree with this - I’d like to see the aim adhesion reduced (which they are implementing) and some of the bullet magnetism addressed before nerfing the actual damage values or recoil or ammo, but it will still be a more powerful version than in the past - then the discussion will become subjective as to whether or not it’s TOO powerful.

As an example, if you set the aim adhesion values exactly to what they were in Gears 4, the Gears 5 Lancer would still be more powerful simply because of the shot pattern. Where the G4 Lancer (and all previous Lancers) used to “bloom out” with sustained fire, becoming less accurate the longer the trigger is held, the Gears 5 Lancer has a more precise shot spread, just with upward recoil (which imo is not very debilitating). So, all values being equal, you would still land more shots with the current Lancer than with the past versions.

I will say that Ryan Cleven did come out and say that it was TC’s intention to do this to help with support players and not have a Gnasher fest - which I am fine with. Like you said, I think the first step is to adjust the “intangible” factors before actually messing with the mechanics of the gun. This goes for all of the guns IMO…

Has anyone yet made a systematic comparison of Gears 5 core aim assist vs. GOW4 core aim assist? Personally, I’ve never noticed a dramatic difference between the two, but I seem to be in the minority. I’m just curious what the actual distinction between the two is (this is something that would have been nice for TC to address directly at some point). So many unrelated problems (e.g., magnetism, latency, kill cams) got erroneously chucked under the “aim assist” heading by the community that I can’t help but thinking the aim assist issue is overhyped at this point.

I booted up Halo 5 a week or so ago and that is a title where you can immediately feel a ton of adhesion relative to Gears 5. There were periods in Warzone Firefight where a dozen enemies will be on screen, and it was literally impossible to move your reticle without it getting stuck to something. I’ve never experienced anything like that in Gears 5. I’m on PC/controller, so maybe things feel different on console.

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No it didnt only the aim assist needed a “nerf”

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