Aim assist is still bugged

On intermediate, experienced and advanced the aim assist is still bugged. Headshots still gravitate towards the body against deebees and sometimes scions. Living Legend on these difficulties doesn’t work against deebees. I’ve tried playing on one x and series x and the problem persists. This is very noticeable against DR1s.

I haven’t heard any feedback that the developers are aware of this issue.

They don’t care

They haven’t even fixed bald hoffman’s voice


Aim assist is dog doodoo anyway

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But in other modes it doesn’t literally push bullets away from faces.

I turned aim assist off :sunglasses:

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Idk how y’all use aim assist, I think it’s horrible


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With the markza and the assault rifles it is very handy, the retro lancer in particular. Yes turning off the aim assist is a quick fix, but then it makes guns the like the retro lancer far less effective because it is at it’s best when you can hit the face with it with paced shots. It has massive recoil but it is mitigated by aim assist. With it off, it makes it super difficult to land weakpoint shots effectively, therfore this massively hinders the effectiveness of retro lancers and some guns.

Now, when you play with it on, are you playing on the aformentioned difficulties? Because there it is bugged. On the higher difficulties and oon beginner it is far more consistent.

The aim assist on beginner is literally an aimbot

They should have never had aim assist of that nature

Players get so used to using that and then go on the higher difficulties and can’t aim

Just have light magnet sticky aim for the controllers and that’s it

I only play higher difficulties and I personally don’t really have a struggle with it

Which is still ■■■■■■■ hilarious.

On beginner there is a setting to literally turn on aim bot. It’s fun to use when I’m experimenting on a map. But otherwise with it off, I think it snaps to targets similar to call of duty, but it doesn’t have the cursor stick like glue. In this case I think the aim assist itself works similarly to the higher difficulties.

The aimbot setting is what helped me realize why pacing shots is important because even with theoretical perfect aim, the gun is not a laser like it was in the early gears games. You’ll still miss a lot if you just spam shots.

Still, I just want them to fix it so that the aim assist is more consistent and so living legend actually works on difficulties 2-4.

Mainly play on inc or master my advice

Turn it off and adjust the deadzones and aim acceleration.
Controller type also changes this to, my xbox controller I have deadzones at 0 but my dual sense I have to increase the inner dead zone and lower the acceleration.
Changing these settings I can full auto retro headshots with manageable recoil.

Why turn it off?

Personally I turn aim assist off in every 3rd person game I play I feel like it hinders me more than benefits.
Whether it’s aiming at mass when I’m aiming for the head, aim assist kicking in for the wrong enemy or it just wandering off the target just cause is why I always turn it off.
Red dead 2 is the only exception

lol I tried playing red dead without aim assist, its pretty tough tbh. Its fun when youre free aiming with a shotgun but not so much with your revolvers.

It’s cause gunplay is rockstars last priority and the game is built around the snap aim, max payne 3 is the only rockstar game where the shooting felt amazing to me

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I did not know that, thats pretty cool :slight_smile:

Aim assist on higher difficulties makes it so braindead. You dont even have to properly aim at an enemies head, the game will literally magnetize your bullets to the enemies head lol

For me it’s the opposite. With it off it becomes very difficult to hit the head when compared to with it on. With it off, the area that is allowed to register a head shot is smaller, and you have to be very precise with the shots to land them. I often find that in order to do so, I have to take more time aiming. This is especially true with the retro lancer. It’s to the point to where it doesn’t really become practical to use unless I just spray the body, which makes the retro much weaker than it normally is. I’m better off using a markza or just a regular lancer/GL (primary fire).

I have to shoot slower in general, but with the aim assist on, the area allowed for headshots becomes much bigger, and therefore I can shoot more shots over time and land them. If I turn it off I am handicapping myself.

I could probably do it to challenge myself, but I’m not sure if the other members of the party would appreciate handicapping myself on the high difficulties.