Aim assist is still bugged OP 7

Some time ago I made a post regarding a bug that has persisted even with the release of operation 7.
Aim assist is still bugged against deebees on intermediate to advanced ( I checked on advanced, but I’m assuming since it is likely the same bug, it probably has not been fixed on the other affected difficulties).

On elite I tested the gameplay and the aim assist works much better there and is consistent.

This is on console with aim assist on. Shots will gravitate towards the body even when aiming at the head for deebees on intermediate to advanced.

I’ve been wanting to post videos to show exactly what I mean, but I just discovered that I can’t directly post my videos from my computer, or I don’t know how to on this post. I have them recorded via xbox live, so I suppose I could send them via xbox live to other gamertags if necessary, but it would be more ideal if I could show them in this post. If anyone knows how I could post my captures I would appreciate it.

This bug has been an issue since mid to late April.

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Share to your Onedrive and if you’re lucky it actually shows up there. Or just use this here link:

What I don’t understand; that aim assist for the lower difficulties is a seperate toggle under accessibilitey (iirc) and normal aim assist another. So why not turn off snapaim and keep the normal aimassist?

Ah, thank you. Anyway to those viewing, it will be the first two videos on top in the link posted by HerrKatzchen on the map Forge where I play as a deebee in both instances. They were both captured on May 19th 2021.

The one that is around 2:30 in length is the video where I shoot at an enemy deebee on advanced difficulty. The video should show the difficulty setting played and the settings used. I try both with aim assist on and off. With it off hopefully it can be seen that I have an easier time hitting the head (but aiming in general becomes more difficult).

On the video that is roughly 45 seconds in length, I play on Elite difficulty. I do the same thing but just playing with aim assist on (so basically as I normally play). You’ll notice a massive difference in how the game registers the shots.

This has been happening for a long time now, and so I’m hoping more people see this and let TC know that this needs to be addressed.

Thank you Katzchen.

And to answer your question, because normal aim assist doesn’t work properly as it does on the higher difficulties or beginner. Hopefully the captures make this clear.

Ok, before I start recording stuff. Are you 100% sure you’ve turned off PVE TARGET LOCK listed under Options -> Accessibilty?

PVE Target Lock was turned off. You can tell because when I first aim in the advanced video it didn’t snap to any targets. Normally with it on it snaps to targets. When it snaps I can’t move the reticule until I stop aiming.

And on Elite it is not available so it definitely was not turned on there.

Hopefully I can help clear things up a bit. So in Gears 5, aim assist actually refers to 2 separate things. Aim assist affects crosshair adhesion (stickiness) AND bullet magnetism. The bullet magnetism aspect of it probably explains why the shots gravitate towards the deebee’s center even when aiming at their head.
I just don’t know why The Coalition thought it was a good idea to have the aim assist toggle affect 2 separate things. You’re left with 2 options. Either have them both active or both inactive.
In a perfect world, we would have 2 separate toggles. Maybe TC thought it would confuse people.

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There’s also the option to turn on what basically amounts to auto aim on the first 4 difficulties. Previously it was only available on beginner. Basically the game would literally aim for you with the push of a button. It snaps and the reticule doesn’t move away until aiming is dropped, it’s called PVE target lock in the menus I think.

I think some of the people here are of the impression that I am leaving auto aim on by accident, and from that they think it would explain my problem. But even before auto aim was available, this bug kept happening.

In other words it’s more to do with aim setting and how it’s currently applied than the auto aim. Aim assist vs PVE target lock, which are two different things.

Now as you said the aim assist setting lumps both bullet magnetism and aim stickiness together. But it’s also true that when the setting is turned off, it also removes the problem at the cost of increased difficulty in aiming guns, particularly those with massive recoil like the retro lancer. It’s been a constant problem since at least early April.

Now I haven’t checked on the past couple of days to see if they fixed it, but I’ll probably update this post later on to see if they have.

Edit: As of June 2nd, the issue still persists.

I can confirm. It’s insanely jarring and definitely wasn’t happening before Operation 7. At first I thought maybe magnetism had been lowered in PVE as a whole, which would be fine, but a bit nonsensical when the mode still has adhesion, but whatever. But then I noticed my daily Inconceivable and Master runs were behaving normally.

And then there’s the DBs. The magnetism is definitely wonky with every enemy on Intermediate and Experienced, but DBs are far worse, and DR-1s in particular are hilariously bad. In order to consistently headshot them on these difficulties, you have to intentionally miss; a dead on shot will count as a body shot every time.

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Actually playing more Veteran I noticed this now too, the Veteran ult on Dr1 ones will not head shot them.
That actually got me killed in the last game, it seems to work for Shepards but yeah that does in fact suck for the veteran class in a whole also.

Non-issue on higher difficulties as that aim-assist is disabled on everything higher than Experienced(?).

Eh no I mean when using the ultimate of the veteran, that should not be disabled it will aim at the middle of the DR1

Yes, that’s part of the Beginner-aimassist that is disabled on higher difficulties. It shouldn’t be like this but it’s a literal non-issue on higher difficulties.

Uhh, the veteran ultimate…the one that guarantees headshots nearly no matter where you aim? That certainly works on Inconc and Master and it should not aim at the body of a DR1.
It might use the same logic as the beginner aim assist but it certainly isn’t disabled on high difficulties.

No, it doesn’t. There are 2 aim-assist options. One only works up to a certain difficulty and the other works on every difficulty. The later doesn’t break anything, the former does.

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Ahhh, ok I get it. The lower one overrides the the 2nd one. That would explain it.
Was on a advanced horde mania to get the last power points.
So it only messes up the ult in lower difficulties.

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Hmm what is odd. I have aim assist completely turned off as it’s more of a hindrance than help on PC anyways.
How does it still mess up the Ult then, is there something always active on lower difficulties ?

You can’t turn off that bonus-aimassist for some reason even if it is set to “off” in the settings. Game still forces it onto you.

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Another one of those TC oddities then, oh well.

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Yes. By the way I have more updated videos on the issue so that the dates are more recent. 6/29/2021 is the new date. I accidently erased some of the old videos so these new ones should still show the issue. This is after the recent update.