Aim Assist is increasingly ubiquitous

Operation 3 has brought changes to Gears 5’s aim assist system - it will even hold your beer for you.
Aim-Assist should not be so strong in Ranked gamemodes, I felt the game tuning was amazing at the end of OP2, what happened?

I was quite amazed that barely anyone was talking about Aim Assist for OP3 on the forums. Has no one else noticed how much TC has increased it’s assistance?

The Longshot will now snap to a player through smoke! My Lancer even snaps to players on occasion and the amount of Gnasher headshots have drastically increased! - These are but a few noticeable symptoms of the update.

I am an avid hater of aim-assist especially such an aggressive one in a competitive multiplayer. I find aim-assist is detrimental to my playstyle, where I predict the enemy players movements rather than trying to aim directly at them and often turn it off in most games. With this new update I find myself overcompensating shots repetitively. This back and fourth of learning and un-learning the weapon tuning every update is starting to take the p*ss.


Start->Options->Aim Assist->Off


Didn’t realise they had actually gone ahead and added this feature. Thanks for letting me know.

But it still doesn’t justify why such an aggressive aim-assist system has been implemented into Ranked Multiplayer.


i think the easier it is to kill = more fun for players = more support for gears = more $ for TC

just my guess

The Aim Assist has always existed in Gears and every other console MP game.

Its not even helpful and throws off shots.

As stated by @Nineteenth_Hour you can turn it off and I believe maybe Escalation doesn’t have AA, maybe even 2v2.

The game has no consistency and ranks don’t even work properly - there are higher priorities than something you have can on or off.


They can leave it on Social and remove it on Ranked. If you want to play Ranked, you want to play competitive, period.

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Just an FYI OP, you can turn some parts of aim assits off using the ‘aim assisst off’ setting but not the entire suite.

From the very small amount of information TC has given about aim assist in this game they have always described exe/escalation/2v2 as having reduced aim assist, NOT that it’s turned off completely.
Further to that, I believe one of the streams had them saying that aim adhesion was turned off (the new AA feature) if you turn the setting off, no idea if that applies ot the comp settings in exe, etc though.

DO turn it off though, it seems to make the shotgun behave much more consistently, you’ll still get some obvious aim assisted kills, but in general the shots will act how you expect (networking/lag comp issues aside) .

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If you have good movement, decent aim, and can predict what your opponents will do, aim assist is terrible. But, if you just like to bot walk, hard aim, and have no clue how the basic mechanics work, aim assist makes you godlike.


Ranked doesn’t automatically turn that off across all modes so you can end up at a disadvantage.

Thank you, Im aware of how it works,

Got to say it does make a massive difference to my playstyle having it turned off! - Thanks guys

Now it’s just dealing with the annoying Gnasher headshots that kill you outside the gib range and the Longshot auto tracking your head…