Aim Assist in Versus

How bad is the aim assist in versus modes? How big of a difference is there between core and competitive aim assist and does it take away from the skill required to actually hit your target/make it too easy?

Barely noticeable.

I tried it yesterday with Lancer, Snub, Talon, Longshot. And didn’t notice any snapping onto target.

Although I do suspect bullet magnetism. A slight miss off target, would end up hitting them.


OK cool. I did notice it’s pretty evident in Horde on beginner even if you have that aim assist on beginner setting switched too off.

There is auto aim for Beginner though. Which snaps to their head.

Ya I know that but it still seems to be there even with the setting switched off. Although it’s a milder version of it.

It seems pretty noticable to me. At least in Core game modes