Aim assist idea for ranked modes

New idea I just thought of. @N0DEZER0 Remember your multiple polls about aim assist in all ranked modes. Not exactly sure where your settled on this but one thing you were favoring was turning it off for onyx and above. How about a decreasing the auto aim incrementally as one ranks up? Dial it back until it’s nonexistent in Masters? It would reach those newer players to adjust as they get better and better. And the top players would have their way and it would also add the benefits of truly separating the top plays from the others. What do you think? Seems to be a way to make everyone happy. Increases the skill gap the higher you go…


I like it but the matchmaking must be perfect every single game in terms of skill, connection, and ping for this to work.

I always argue that Gears simply does not have the population for any type of complex things. I argue that it should be made like COD with a league play.

However, TC LOVES comparing Gears to OverWatch and Leage of Legends.


Yikes… People complained about 2 tunings in Gears 4. It was certainly the biggest complaint about the game. Now, we want 2 tunings dependent on rank? It guarantees greater inconsistency. And, imagine the complaints. Onyx is a huge portion of the population with gold being 2nd. How do all those onyx players feel dying to golds who locked on with aim assist?

I appreciate that you want to find a compromise but this is the proverbial can of worms.


No wtf… absolutely not. What happens when you have some golds in the same lobby as a diamond? The gold does better than he should vs the diamond because he has greater aim assist?

Everyone is overcomplicating tf out of this.



This idea spells trouble from the get go. Either keep it, remove it, or tweak it universally.

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Just remove it all together. The new players must simply learn to get better. The ranks should determine on the skill level. Make it so bronze, silvers and golds can’t be matched with the onyx, diamond and master ranks on diamond.

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