Aim assist gone?

Just like question says


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Not even close to being gone. They basically said they are still thinking about making it a toggle option for players. Idiots. Just reduce it’s effects so we don’t feel it pulling our crosshairs towards a target. That’s literally all that needs to be done. They already have it done for Escalation and Execution. Just adjust the tuning for the other games to somewhere in the middle. It has to be one of the easiest things to fix and would have a drastic and positive impact on versus gameplay, yet they don’t even acknowledge it with a reasonable response. Screw your toggle sir. Just turn it down.

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TC said last Friday (10/25) they will be turning down the “adhesion” feature of aim assist. This is what they believe everyone is complaining about, and I think they are right. They said they will be turning this down for all weapons soon. No specific date.

So is aim assist accessible for ranked? I can find it and toggle it off for custom match but am unable to find this same option for playing ranked…

You can’'t currently toggle it on or off for ranked, its either on or off depending on which gamemode.

Its off for Escalation and Execution.
Its on for the other modes.

Oh ok thanks…

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Not a problem :slight_smile: