Aim Assist Going Forward?

So I know Operation 5 is focused PVE but moving forward when you work on the PVP portion we need major changes.

we absolutely need to remove the horrendous aim assist!!! I won’t go off on a rant because this will probably be ignored like everything else so the video above sums up what i want to say.

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I was about to be annoyed and reply saying that it’s bullet magnetism, not aim assist, but after watching the video and seeing that aim assist gives you bullet magnetism, I would’ve been wrong. :smile:

I’ve played both Gears 4 / 5 without aim assist as I believe if you train without aim assist, it helps your muscle memory over time when playing other games, but, after seeing this video, aim assist will still be left disabled for me, but now I know why people are hitting shots on me that I cannot seem to hit on them doing the exact same thing.

The thing about the longshot clip:

In Gears 5, the bullet comes straight out of the barrel of any weapon you shoot, then, once the bullet has been fired, it goes towards where your reticle was at the time of firing. This seems to be the case in that longshot clip.

I’m sure aim assist did help, though.

Nice post!

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I think aim assist should be automatically disabled when you play PvP.

For Escape and Horde modes its fine.

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I have to call BS on that claim because Gears 4 didn’t have aim assist off anywhere, except for Competitive tuning(apparently - I doubt they turned it off completely). And that was like what, 2-3 modes? Not really that popular ones either, going off memory.

If you’d like to play with all aim assist features turned off using a controller, go right ahead. But it’s not a great experience.

What I do want is for there to be an option to get rid off adhesion in PvE modes, it messes my aim up more than it helps by pulling it around. Friction and magnetism are fine… albeit I find the friction aspect is too strong which can and does prevent accurate tracking of or giving lead to a moving enemy.

There wasn’t an aim assist option in Gears 4? Thought there was.

Well, then I’ve played Gears 5 without aim assist.

Really thought there was aim assist in Gears 4…

As far as I can recall - no aim assist off option ever made it into Gears 4. Though there may have been requests to have it, and complaints about aim assist mady both by those who understood what the term meant and by those who didn’t.

Nope, you’re right.

I went through videos of controller settings and online forum posts and no one is saying there’s an option for it.

My bad.

The reason I said it was because in Gears 5, literally first day, I turned it off.

Some games have very bad aim assist integration, and Gears is one of those games. Gears 5, anyway. The issue I have with it is showcased at the end of OP’s linked video. I can’t stand when I should of killed someone but the aim assist pushes me out of the way.

I never really put much thought into aim assist but I’ve recently noticed being pulled away from aiming at a sniper by another drone passing. Now that I no what’s causing it I’ll be taking this off.

All my shots have been a lie!

That’s also another reason aim assist is off.

That happened way too many times.

You aim at someone, then someone else runs in front of your reticle, and it drags your aim onto them, off of your original target.

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Don’t understand why you’re posting an old video like that?

Especially since this was changed a while ago.

What is it like now? I read that TC were testing taking it off in the newsletter.

Ha PVE focused. T.C. can’t even focus on a correct tuning let alone a whole mode.

Hopefully aim assist gets blasted out of this game though.

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Changed a while ago? Go play the social OSOK of the week and then come back and maybe you can understand why I posted this video. They haven’t changed anything man lol. Also it’s not just OSOK specifically but i’ve noticed this across all game modes as well as others i know. Some days it feels okay others it feels like it’s changed.

I swear this game is beyond inconsistent and needs an overhaul. There is still lots of AIM issues and bullet magnetism problems. Some games i land shots not even aiming at the person and i get kills where i shouldn’t and vice versa i have people killing me while looking up in the sky it’s messed up.

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Go to play the developer playlist, they are reducing the aim assist considerably, it’s a shame they can’t fix the netcode/hitbox related issues tho