Aim Assist/Bullet magnetism still not fixed LOL

So its the most blatant and obvious thing in the game. The bullet magnetism/aim assist/whatever you call it. It still has not been fixed. I just do not understand why the community constantly complains about and there is literally no sign of change. I play this game on occasion to see if its gotten any better, and I have to admit it still is fun here and there. But for example when I am wallbouncing around an enemy and I clearly see them facing their gnasher the opposite way of me, and the bullets still connect, like are you kidding me?

Idk if the kill cam reflects what actually happens but if its not accurate then whats the point of even having a kill cam? This game has been out almost 1 year and the same ■■■■ has been posted about how busted the aim assist is, I’m not sure the details behind what you have to do to input a proper system into the game where you actually have to aim at the person to connect shots but after 10 months of the game being out it should’ve been fixed by now.

In reality they could’ve copy and pasted Gears 4 to Gears 5 while adding little things here and there and this game would’ve actually held it’s weight longer than a month, but sadly it was garbage from week 1.

Also, Gnasher GIB range is beyond ■■■■■■.


These are tree different problems without any fix or any word from TC.
One is the overpowered magnetism with hip fire, no one aims with the gnasher because the game aims for you, even in ranked (even in esports, what a joke). Aiming with the gnasher today is a clear disadvantage.
Second problem is that you can shoot to the side while your own character and gnasher are facing to the front. This is not a kill cam failure. I have seen videos showing this (works doing the wrap around shot, during the animation of getting in cover and wallbouncing).
Third one, enemy location and hitbox are not shown correctly, the server and the local ones are inconsistent. This produces the sponge effect and never killing the low or high ping players.

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