Aim assist and other thins in Ranked

I want to talk a little bit about changes that could help ranked and become more “competitive”.

Aim Assist:

We know that many console games have aim assist or any other help to make sure the game feels smooth but is Gears 5 like a other game ? I dont understand why we still have any assist in ranked especially after Diamond 2-3 or Masters. To hold it competitivly i would suggest to disable any assist after you pass diamond 1 or 2.
So many people are ragin about the aim assist in ranked. It doesnt belong to there, not when you want to tell us that gears 5 is a competitive game.

You already removed adhesion 14 days ago and i saw the positive feedback but what about removin everything or nerfin ?
I still see people missing and still hittin a 80% shot, even when hes lookin into a waaaaay wrong direction.

Controller scheme:

After the release of G5 i tried the “defaulternate” scheme. Classic Alt with x and y remapped. I noticed that you cant really shoot and bounce after a short time so i switched to default again. Now i see people playin with defaulternate, bouncin way faster than default and doin 2 things in 1 frame which should be impossible.

For example when someone is goin to Up A you, you see how he hits the wall and than goes for the Up A. Against default its possible to counter it with a back a but when someone is playin with classic alt, you can clearly see that they are bouncing to the wall and in the same frame where hes still bouncin to the cover you get killed which is mind blowin how something like that can happen.

I think it maybe has something to do with the screen difference but the difference between default and defaulternate is way too big rn. I hope that the slower slip speed willl fix it a little bit.

Increasing chunk range:

just increase it a little bit.
I, as a ranked kid, dont need to explain why when every pro player wants it too sooooo :smiley:

Input lag:

Why is the game so horrible on console ? There so many situations where i press buttons and this game is like wait what did he press, just let me roll back, it must be right.

A few things i noticed and compared to G4.

Canceling a bounce to immediately shoot doesnt work like in G4. 60% of the time the shot doesnt come out.

Running out of cover and holding A result in a weird 360 and my charakter just stops runnin even when i still hold A.

Difference between Console and PC is too big. I know everyone is talkin about that and a pc is way more powerfull but i have the Xbox One X Project Scorpio and i still have a laggy main menu in a tripple A game which is not okay imo.


waitin till OP5 is just wrong, sorry but with this you just told quiiters “hey, we give you some extra time, quit as many games you want”.

I, a ranked koth kid who play 1-2 in a week, am suffering sometimes when i have 4 games in a row when someone quits. Its not only my teammates but also enemeys which gets me upset and mad.

Quitting should be resulting in 45 min, NOT LESS, ban and in a derank of 50%. For example youre Diamond 3 70% and after a quit you loose 50% so youre Diamond 2 80%.

This should happen ASAP. Everyone like literally everyone can agree with me.


Should be a pickup and not in our loadout. Why ? I dont want to be stunned for 30 seconds in every hill i run into. No one likes the change. If you want a stun grenade than give us g4 smoke.


people are spongin direct hits, maybe the first shoot is filled with water ? i dont know. Please look at this TC. When you dont have active in it, the boomshot is like a nerf gun.

There are still a few things where we can discuss about but these are the major things that need to be changed.

I know my english is not the yellow from the egg , sorry.

If you want to add some additional information, do it. It doesnt matter if you agree or dont agree. Please reply if you want to and let us discuss about these things in ranked.


Aim Assist:
Completely agree…

Controller Scheme:

Increasing Chunk Range:

Input Lag:
Please get this fixed… My God

Completely Agree…

Disagree… having flashbangs as a pick up is very annoying & most of the time they’re completely ignored by most players. Hopefully something useful is placed in the spaces that preciously held them, plus I’d much quicker use one if I had it as a loadout item. I also actually despite the smoke grenades.

That second line about it being filled with water… ROFL!

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Thanks for the reply, why are you against the chunk range increase ? :slight_smile:

Increased chunk range? What? Like …with the gnasher?

It’s already ridiculous how powerful the gnasher is currently… If anything chunk range should be decreased.


yh with the gnasher

All those automatic systems like magnetism should not exist, because you depend on some behind the scenes calculations to actually hit somebody, that results on luck or random stuff you cant control. Every shot should be plain and clean like all shooter games, with no modifications, help or assists.

The Gnasher needs more accuracy when aiming at medium range because today the hip fire is way too powerful specially with magnetism on, and way to low damage at medium range so almost every fight ends with the two players dancing face to face with the Gnasher.

Reaction shot should be banned, not sure if that is a glitch or something, but is absolutely unbalanced and lack of any common sense.

If people have issues aiming with the controller without magnetism help them increasing the friction relevance or something like that, but dont touch the pellets calculations/assist!


Agreed. Ranked should be assist free.

What kind of reaction shot are you talkin about ? the “around the corner” up a where kids say its a reaction shot or the normal one ?

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This one

Dunno if you can ban this

The gnasher gib range is too far imo. Which pro is saying that gib range is too short?

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KennyBounce, Shock, look at twiiter bro.

TBH somethimes it feels good sometimes the 97% shots are pretty annoying. I dont know

I disagree with them. I mean it’s okay they think that, I don’t mean to invalidate their experience but I disagree.

Gib range needs to be reduced. I can tell you why, I’ve mentioned it in other threads getting more traffic. Someone else can explain it way better than I can. I’ll check those people out tho to try and get an understanding on your thoughts behind it.