Aim and Popshot on mid range

Please can you tell me why pop and aim shots with gnasher when standing still not have same damage power as all the run , bounce and slide shots ? I mean there is no sense behind because it is the same weapon .How it can be that a mid range hip fire hit point blank kill me when hit my legs but a standing still aim or popshot from the same range onto the enemys head makes around 80% damage only ? I can’t understand the logic behind ? Same the midrange Gnasher fights , why only the gnasher lost the complete damage on higher distances . For me you guys destroy complete my tactic to fight and hold my enemy away from me with good precision hard aim gnasher Hits to the head when comes closer with wallbouncing . Where is the sense behind I just wanna understand it . In older Gears Games before Gears 4 and 5 the Movement makes no difference to the damage power and many tactics are possible but this ends for me in Gears 5 because here the Movement gives the shots more power and makes gnasher aiming complete senseless …

It’s not that they have more power, it’s that the movement gets your opponent closer to you when they eventually fire.

Also, lag.

I miss the gnasher handling from Gears Ultimate Edition there it was a lot more possibilitys to kill your enemy when he is lit or dark red and enemy’s head pop off 20 meters away because somebody hit him with longshot to the body and you shoot a bit infront enemy’s running to the head the head pop off in Gears 4 and 5 this isn’t working because enemy always will going down only . I have no problem with all these new shoot around corners or reaction shots TC brings in new but put out others strategys with unrealistic and unlogic weapon tuning when use hip fire combined movement and making aim and popshots senseless is a big trash in my eyes because the game was ten times better with the weapon handling from the older Gears Games made by Epic Games and I know many many people who think the same . Examples for I have hundreds on my youtube channel or profile… I really ask me why TC think they always must change the basic weapon handling in Gears and why not learn from positive feedback like it was on the beta phase of Gears 3 which was awesome and the game is in my eyes for today the best Gears Game of all times a perfect combination from the old with new stuff …and yes after 1000 and 1 patch I think today Gears 4 is a good game too but 5 is very very far away from …about the thousands of issues and bugs , the weird loot system , the strange new headshot sounds , the senseless map editor , the uninteresting banners , the ranking system where nobody for today understand how it works , your senseless Gears and the Maschine Videos where everybody knows that the matchmaking and servers are the problem since 13 years they all mirrors your poor tech test of the game which was the first in my 15 years on xbox live which was not playable on release date … makes me cry a little bit (written by my small English knowledge and Google translation services) :disappointed:

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I played like 9 KOTH matches today. Pop shots worked great, hard aim worked great, and I got some of those Gears 1 style gnasher headshots though the range was a little closer. I think this comes down to lag. But I hear your frustration.

I know I am not real good and I definitely I could learn the new handling but I won’t because today I am just a weekend game only and I not wanna learn claw playing or hyper wallbounce because in my old school eyes the game was very good before this stuff makes the difference between win and lose because it’s more powerful than all the other tactics and my connection is definitely not the problem and should be good enough to play on my and us region without big problems

I’m not saying it’s a problem on your end. The lag is server side.

Also I’m not that good either. I just magically play better when I’m teamed up with a couple other players and cracking jokes in the party.

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I am sorry my friend and forgive me the rough sound I just miss the times with my Gears Friends because the most of them see it like me and have enough from the game after finishing 2 or 3 games where we become ■■■ kicked when every team member had 30 % shoot outs where end by unrealistic chap and I play the game long enough to know when my enemy is better or the scene is a pathetic joke only

Luck you. I play PC. None of my shots register. Shots go right threw players. Nerf the bullet magnetism. Pc players have none anymore. It’s insane TC did this on purpose always killing the skill gap. Good luck trying to sell Gears 6 on Steam TC!



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