Ai teammates / enemies need work

Does anyone remember in gears 3 how the bots were actually fun to play against? No? Well, I remember epic talking about how they used “player profiles” to program how the bots played/reacted in multiplayer because they were just too “aimbotted up” in gears 2, and they wanted to give a fun/genuine feel to them when you fought them.

In gears 2, I remember when I was struggling to get one of the last multiplayer achievements, and because the mode was just horrible, capturing 10 meatflags was just the most insane, horrific, hair pulling experience times 10 when no one played that playlist and I was forced to play endless matches against a full team of bots. Well, who remembers their pinpoint aimbot accuracy? It was more a game of luck than skill at that point cause bots would be lookin the other way across the map and still hit me, forcing me to drop the meat flag.

What’s this gears 2 stuff got to do with 5? Well… anyone who plays matches in the cog vs AI playlist (which is basically everyone since I’m always seeing re-ups of 10 to 15 constantly) knows that those gears 2 bots are back, with their 100% aimbot accuracy, always shooting lancers from all angles. Kill cams show the bots looking 90 degrees or more away from you, yet their bullets are pulling a “wanted” style of shooting and bending around the map, just to down and kill me.

I know 4 had these dumb bots without the player profiles like 3 had, but come on… I thought 4 was their warm up game. I thought by 5, they’d have done a lot more, including bringing back the bot player profiles that acted like we were playing against real ppl. In 3, it was great when the enemy bots would charge ya, swap weapons, gnasher battle ya, retro charge… yea they picked up heavy weapons like these bots do, but it felt different, it felt fun. These bots, always with their lancering, magnetic aimbot bullets are just so annoying to deal with, and I wonder, WHY can’t you guys make it fun like 3? Why’d the player profiles go away. And don’t tell me they didn’t, cause it’s obvious these enemy bots are boring, op lancer death machines that shoot around corners and are just trash.

Don’t get me started on AI bot teammates… it’s like you turned off the op enemy stuff (more so in higher difficulties in horde) on the friendly bots.

My point is this… why’d you drop and not re-implement the player profiles on bots? It’s not talked about, but lots of ppl liked that old stuff and hate the way bots are now, lancering and aimbotting everyone anywhere on the map. TC, you gotta do better and change the way the bots perform. It’s just not fun.

I’ll not comment on 2 and 3, because unfortunately, you have to be a console player to have played them, and I suck with gamepads, so never owned a console.

I do get what you mean about 4 having more visceral challenge than 5, but I also think it’s worth noting, that the on rails boss fight against the Vulture in 4 makes the whole campaign pretty much unplayable on the otherwise very accessible and worthwhile Inconceivable mode.

The worst thing about that Vulture fight is all they had to do to make it doable is have a checkpoint when the plane engine blows, and not have two incendiaries land side by side at times. These are the main two things that make it next to impossible.

Gears 5 should have gotten an Inconceivable mode, but unfortunately they listened to ranters that hated the difficulty of 4, and overreacted.

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