AI team mates in Horde are REALLY stupid

I did a few solo 1-50s on AllFathers, just playing around with leveling up Del & unlocking the difficulty modifiers…

Two things I noticed:

  1. I have a good base setup near spawn, with barriers, lockers, few sentries, and what do these idiots do? Camp the middle of the map, near the central tap! Of course they keep on doing down, so other bots go to pick them up, THEY go down, so bother bots go out, etc: becomes a Saving Private Ryan situation…

  2. I go down in the base from a long away shot. I see an AI coming to get me, BUT another stupid bot goes down in the middle of the map (see point 1) and this bot TURNS AWAY AND RUN INTO THE MIDDLE! Ignoring me, who was down 3m away from it. OF course that bot goes down, and we fail…

I have see SOO many times all 4 bots are down, together, because of this “1 at a time” thing… Pathetic logic…

Ohh, and they just LOVE to stand or take cover in such a way as to deactivate fences, lol… I move the fence, they move where they take cover… lol…


I have people going AFK in Horde just to let others do the work for them…

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I so feel you on this. I had an objective to do 10 waves on Insane today and chose to knock them out in private Horde as JD with the easier difficulty modifiers turned on, and some bots. It was all fine and well until wave 7 where one of the dumb bots decided to walk RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, while I fired a Boomshot at a Scion, to take cover in a different spot, then proceeded to ignore me completely - all of the bots did - and shoot at random enemies, then not revive any of the other bots that inevitably got downed by the Boomshot Scion, which also were never revived by the other still standing bot which also just kept shooting the enemy while every other bot was down because of the Scion and I was down because of the idiot bot that moved in front of me while I had an explosive weapon out and was firing it. And no bot ever tried reviving anything so I just ended the match and did the remaining four waves from 1 again when a Sire was about to execute me because of one stupid bot.

They really couldn’t have made these any less situationally unaware and stupid. Even the Gears 4 ally bots were better in the Campaign. They would at least move to revive you pretty much instantly if ever you went down, but now, instead, with Gears 5 we have completely situationally unaware bots that take ages to even acknowledge that you are down and almost always try going somewhere that is not inside of your base. One such example caused a match to fail because a bot decided to go to the other end of the damned map without ANYONE being anywhere near there, and two of my teammates got themselves killed trying to keep the stupid, useless bot alive and the third remaining one got killed by a Juvie because he wasn’t careful enough outside of the base which left me to deal with Del’s badly built base, when Del had left shortly after wave 30, and got me killed because of it letting enemies in from both sides, and since I don’t have ears on the back of my head, and I had a Scion and Grenadier in front of me occupying my attention, well, let’s just say it didn’t work out well for me.


Bots also don’t immediately pick you up when they find you. They pause briefly, then decide to pick you up. I’ve died more than a few times because of that idiotic pause by bots


My hat is off to you, how for the love of Gears can you play even one game to 50 ? On 1.0 and 2.0 I would whack on some Floyd and have a brilliant time.

On this version of Horde I can’t get through Time without wanting to cry! :wink:

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Worse and worse, what is going on in horde.

Since all the characters can buy fortifications, repair tools or weapons, they spend everything. In addition, the tool, which costs 10,000, disappears from the inventory after death and if it is exchanged with a pistol it does not remain on the map. The only character who can’t improve his skills is Del, I don’t understand why.

It’s a plague to play this character in public, nobody deposits the energy, what can he do? without improvement in health or damage. His role is defense, and without energy, he can barely support the team. No level restrictions to access a public horde and depending on the difficulty, it makes no sense.

Sometime the A.I. is smarter than real people in Horde. I would think even more smarter than The Coalition, i mean, after all, they did create such a masterpiece,
Very few people actually know how to play the game, too many Engineers and common sense out the window.
I prefer the stupidity of the A.I. 8 times out of Ten, and at least you can find a game too. I am having a hell of a job finding games, Custom games is not real time, you join a game and it is either non existant, already started or full of Engineers.
A.I for the win :confused:

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IA is a joke in this mode, they go on the ground while we define a security perimeter thanks to the fortifications.

Best to turn bots off bro…

They’re dumb af, but they’re better than nothing imo.

Of course. especially if someone has a disconnection.

Hahahaha, well, I love Gears, and with ranked being so “broken” (IMO, for what I like, YMMV) I went back to Horde (I used to be exclusively Horde until about 2 years ago when I got into GoW4 versus).

I actually found that doing a 1-50 as Del isn’t too bad… Keep in mind I was only going 1 modifier at a time, I did Regen penalty, I did execution rules, and enemy health regen.

Doing multiple modifiers by myself with bots, I don’t even want to try.

Yeah the AI in Horde is overall Atrocious. Better than nothing but I think they could definitely be improved. For one, they need to revive quicker, they seem to linger for a little bit aimlessly before moving towards you for a revive, wasting precious seconds.

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I also wish they wouldn’t stick to my bum like fly paper and get in my way just as I’m firing my boom.

Why the game treats it like you’re playing solo I’ll never understand. Seriously. If a snatcher gets you and there’s nothing but bots then you die when you get captured. The absolute asinine fact that you can’t get out of sire captures on your own or chainsaw them anymore is stupid as sin.

Not being able get credit for killing leeches or run past them because the collision in the game decides to put up a forcefield around them to stop you from getting by.

The fact that a leech can knock you off cover as a drone would if they mantle kicked you. Yeah that tiny thing really has enough momentum and strength for that.

Honestly theres so much crap to deal with in Horde that common sense would tell you shouldn’t exist.

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I just wish the AI hung around the base automatically, and were smart enough to take cover within the limits of the base (meaning behind the barriers), instead of frequently standing around in the middle of nowhere.

They could also use a damage buff, since they are so ineffective.

My ai frequestly take cover in the base, in perfect stops to deactivate the fences!!!

I stopped going past L2 fences mostly due to this… or I will have 2 L2s with a level 3 or 4, for this reason…

The Sire grab is stupid, I will get grabbed and I hear “hold on coming to get you!” But… nothing happens… they walk after me not shooting at the Sire, and I get killed and game ends… duh…