Ai Solider customization idea

I was thinking it would be cool if we could customize the Ai Soldiers you get in horde when a player leaves, or if you choose to play private without a full squad, etc.

Ai are pretty bad at actually being useful but they’re a nice addition and can save your bacon occasionally but I have a slight issue with the fact they’re all the same. : We can end up with 2 private Vermelo and 2 private Casan if your soloing. This kind of goes 180 with the whole, no duplicates rule. Not only can it get boring with hearing their lines over and over it can be confusing which one went down where again!

I don’t know about you guys but I’m also much more likely to tear ■■■ across the map to save an ai Marcus than I have ai cog solider.
Not only this it would allow us to use other skins we’ve unlocked/bought at the same time. For example, if I want a full winter armor squad on icebound I can do that.

Below I’ve got some screenshots from how I think TC could implement it into the game ui.


new layout showing current ai skin

customization menu on selection of ai
character selection and possibly loadout? (we can hope)
choose character and skin wanted
ai updated with chosen skin
full gang


That’s an awesome idea. I love the idea of being able to customize them with your own skins.

Also some rudimentary AI commands would be nice, like telling them to stay with you instead of rushing headlong into five claw drones.


Yeah i agree. I’m hoping maybe some of the tactical work going on for Gears Tactics could bleed across to Horde for 5 and give us some good control.
The worst thing is them running and dying, followed by their mate running to save tham and dying. Damn lemming ai atm.

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Or maybe using Sync Shot like in the Ghost Recon games. :thinking:

@TC_Octus please listen to this. It’s a fantastic Idea. Bring it up to the team please


They could at least allow for some of the other characters to be AI choices other than the cog gears…

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I like this idea, however I would like if we could also equip cards onto the AI, using the cards that we have unlocked for the characters we choose for them, along with this it would be nice if they also used ultimates, this would bring life into the AI.

Expanding on this, I think if in the AI customisation menu there was a “Tactics” tab that would contain a list of AI strategys, and we could choose what we want the AI to behave like, some of the options would be toggles and some would be exclusive with others.

For example for Jack, he would have lets say 4 Tactics that are not exclusive, one would be Forge weapons, another would be heal/revive allies, another could be attack nearby enemys, and the last could be collect power, and you could have all or only one of these active, and if the forge weapons one is active and jack is carrying a weapon to the forge and you want it you could aim at him and press Y and he would drop it for you, or if he is healing you could press Y on him and he would only heal you untill you press Y on him again.

It would be nice if you could change these Tactics in the fabricator but to limit trolling possibly only the host could change tactics.

As far as the other characters, you could tell them to follow you(like it is now) or have them hunker down near the fabricator or have them go agressive and collect power.

But as far as a quick change or a Phase 1 for AI changes this would be nice.


Agreed. I’d love that.
I dislike the new horde mainly because of the randomness when looking for a squad so play alot without a full squad.
Ai controls would be great as tactics. Especially as jack. I’ve tried to solo ad jack before but it isn’t possible, however it’s fun. More tactical ai would make more characters viable as you wouldn’t have to rely on certain characters doing certain jobs.
I’d love to tell them to hold a location, they’re much more effective when in cover than when they decide to Leroy Jenkins into the map for no reason


This for certain :slight_smile:

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Why stop there? Let us customize them in private versus, too.

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Body seems unclear. I hate this damn forum sometimes.

Hopefully if they can put the foundation In place for ai to be customizable it opens up alot of windows of opportunities for cool stuff