Ai improvements. And beast mode comback?

I feel like the bots in the game need some improvement in gears 2-3 and even judgment they were really challenging on higher difficulties in gears 5 even on the highest difficulty i dont feel threatned by them and in arcade mode they dont use the skull points system and buy their weapons would be a nice to have that.
And its great that bots fill spots in horde mode now but can it be possible if was the actual characters instead of just regular cog soldiers and they could atleast use their abilities to help out more because in judgement in modes like survival and overun the bots would use their abilities and it would also be good if bots can fill in slots in escape mode and they just follow you. now i dont know the coding for the azura servers but i hope the coalition one day takes on this possibly difficult task and add these options to give the game some more longevity and an option to choose what ai character appears in horde/escape if these options ever become available.

And since jack can take over enemies it would be nice to see beast make a return and have ai fill in empty spots to in that mode.

Beast Mode would be cool with a new version
Snipers, Drones, Scions, Grenadiers…
And imagine if there was a unique mode allowing DBs

Shepherd, Shock Sheperd, Deadeye, DR1, Guardian, Sentinel…

As for bots in horde, that would be great. Though you’d probs have to work with them