AI/ BOTS in Gears 5

Why is it that Gears 2 and 3 have far better AI than Gears 5 lmao? In a Horde match I’ll be down waiting to be revived and when its the AI it literally does nothing but stand right next to me. A lot of the times the COG bots will also go down.

It’s not just multiplayer in Campaign they literally do nothing. They stand next to you and take up to 10 seconds to revive you when you’re right next to them. In Gears 2, a game from 2008, the AI would shoot the enemies you shot and revive you almost instantly.

It just makes no sense how TC can make a dumber AI system when the games prior in the series were 10x better.

My favourite bot tactic is when they step in front of you when firing a launcher at enemy. They are so helpful lol


The versus AI and campaign friendly AI has been trash in every single gears game.
That comment about Gears 2 campaign bots is also not true they were useless still and would let you bleed out even if crawling beside them half the time. It was always a gamble if they’d do something useful.

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This the same kind of bot that also tries to chainsaw Sires (can’t blame them for that! xD) and Scions at times, and will always prioritise the melee even in close range while surrounded, because reasons.


Not really Dom would actually shoot enemies and kill them. If you get downed he’d instantly come to revive you. Gears 5 AI is so slow and so stupid they almost never help me when you need them. Play Gears 2 and see Doms AI in combat vs Del in Gears 5 there’s a difference

I obviously don’t have any recordings because I played on the 360. I specifically remember multiple times in Act 2 or 3 (in the hollow) where I’d go down and Dom would sit in cover beside me for the full 60-120seconds bleed out or run around shooting at the enemies instead of picking me up. Like I said it was a bit of a gamble in my experience.

Interesting. I’ve played on the One and he’s miles better than Del. It’s really funny