AHHHHHHHHHHHH, Ranking is screwing me!

I just went down 5% in the ranking on KOTH and I am not even playing. Hell I am not even online.


because gears4

Hey back up!!!

Gears 4 is great and I know it sounds like am moaning but I love it!!!

People need to role on back and let it be, problems are problems and nonconstructive criticism helps in no way shape or form.

I just want an answer!!!

it’s on the front page in the gears4 section pinned

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the reason you fell is because other people surpassed you in rank, remember the rank you are in puts you a certain percent above everyone else, so if others go past your rank you would drop into another bracket because a higher percent of people are now higher rank then you.


Thanks buddy:::slight_smile:

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To add to this your rank won’t go down just because you didn’t play. One could get Diamond and stop playing without losing it. Sometimes there’s a delay in rank percentages updating but this is mostly if you’re moving down from say Onyx 2 to Onyx 1 or moving up to a new tier.

Please keep all ranking discussions, feedback, and concerns on the Main thread from the link above.

Thank you.