Ahhhhh is there a logic to the respawn times in Vs


(Littlejamtart) #1

I keep getting 8-10 second respawns.

You slowing me down FOOLS!!!

Is there a method or is it random?

(Potato Boy 025) #2

Certain playlist have different respawn times. The only one I know for sure is that Guardian has a 1~20sec respawn time window, So you can use the clock to tell how long you want someone to respawn for. I assume for TDM and KOTH its like 1~10sec but I’m not sure…

(TSG BlackUltrax) #3

Yea in King of the Hill it is for sure maximum 10 seconds. I often get lucky and catch this 2-3 second respawn.


In guardian everyone spawns at the same time. So if 5 people are dead they will respawn all at the same time regardless of when they died. Not sure of other game modes though beside escalation lol

(Bleeding Pepper) #5

There are respawn windows on the clock so players on the same team respawn at the same time within that window regardless of how long they’ve been dead.

As an example let’s say in Guardian the respawns is up to 20 seconds, each minute from when the match starts is split into three 20 second windows. If player 1 dies after 5 seconds; player 2 dies after 10 seconds; and player 3 dies after 25 seconds, then players 1 and 2 respawns in the first respawns window; while player 3 will have missed this respawn window and have to respawn in the next window.

(ANDROIDguy) #6

There is a method.

Your time depends on how many are dead. Game try to spawn 1+ players at same time.

In same respawn timeframe:
E.g. First person dead gets 8-10 seconds
second person Died on 2 seconds - will get 4-6 seconds
third person died same time - will get 4-6 seconds
4th person will get 2-3 seconds

If you are the unlucky first person everytime then you get maximum time.

For guardian you have to wait for 18-20 seconds

(Littlejamtart) #7

That’s what I needed, its first in the ring means first to die hahaha.

Though is that per a team? As I get it a lot and know i am not the first to die…

Also as its ten to a KOTH match does that mean the 5th is 0-1 second and then its two players to a time frame?

(ANDROIDguy) #8

If u r so unlucky as 5th death of your time within spawn time… you will get 0-1 seconds