Again with this nonsense

again with this crap and the nades. what is it? lag? idk cause im hardlined in and was stable , but that guy was skating all night. How can i address the TC in this?


Another one. :open_mouth:

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Remember back in the day before the internet was a thing in gaming?

You had to write a letter to the gaming monthly magazines and even then the editor had to pick your one to be printed. And you’d get a little prize if your letter was none of the handful printed. Those were the days. None of this nonsense nowadays where you post on forums for attention. :neutral_face:


I know. Comic books were the same way. None of my rants about the Keaton Batman’s costume change ever got published. :sleepy:

Look closely, a piece of shrapnel from your grenade missed.


nice video proof. yeah that happen to me as well and with a boomer.

the reverse can happen as well where they throw nads you get out of the way and you still die…

I remember when people on the forums would call others “liars” for claiming things like this and demand proof. Now, everyone knows it’s just Gears.


And still they post their rants and videos. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You nailed him with that nade.

i just want reason on why it could be happening. maybe it could be my internet service. i just want to do what i can to minimize it.

Is it only when you blind throw grenades?

In these situations I just chug another beer and think of cute little puppies and kittens so not to throw my controller against the wall


That still happens to me which is why I always rush for nades. Those things are like mini nukes when they get tossed at you.

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And cute kittens when you throw them.




how did you get that clip? I mean did you set it up a head of time ?

I want to get better at taking clips to help prove some of my points. I am bad it it. do you use the Cortana function?

i just used the record function on the xbox (guide button 2x and X button) to record once it had happened. you can then edit them in the upload studio app on the dashboard. i do not use the cortana function. its easier for me to hit the corresponding buttons to record.

thanks you for the help.

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