Again... will we get a Marcus Fenix Collection like Halo MCC?

Many people have hoped it for nearly 10 years. I first saw rumors rightly after MCC claimed
Although in 2015 they have said no such collection exists, but that’s 7 years ago
Recent Microsoft’s remaster plan is more likely the Fable iirc

Until Microsoft and TC confirms it, we will never get one ever.

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I may have heard that more practical reason, is many designs’ copyright of 2 and 3, don’t belong to Microsoft
But I will happy to review the old trilogy, even if they can’t remaster them all. And add lobby system like 5 at best. It’s awful that you match for hours when it shows “less than 2 mins”, and can’t join even one game!

this happens a lot in Gears 5 it shows “less than 2 mins” and it take ages to find a match if you choose low ping

But 5 has lobbies, you can choose to join. 1-4 you can only match, except private game. That’s a really good change.

I certainly hope so! As a PC player I can’t own the two best games in the series…

Seems a bit exaggerated

Technically not, if you simply see it as a PC port. I remember on the old Epic forums all the people wanting them to port Gears 1-3 to PC to no avail.

MCC released 7 1/2 years ago, and I know from personal experience that my handful of Gears friends and I immediately asked “when is Gears getting one?” after it was announced. The fact that Ultimate Edition was made-- much like how Halo 1 was remade before eventually being incorporated into the MCC-- only further fueled the expectation. People have been wanting Gears 2 UE ever since Gears 1 UE released.

Since Gears 1-3 all play at 60FPS/4K now with BC updates, there’s less incentive for a new release, but really, all I want are dedicated servers and a jump in population. Yeah, Gears 3 feels clean now, but that doesn’t mean much when the playlists are still deserted and I’m rubberbanding all over the place on my P2P connection.

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Gears 3 with the 60fps is so crispy i just want the dedicated servers back because everyone who gets host in that game lives on a different planet. Lol

I just dont see a Marcus Fenix Collectiom ever happening. I’d rather have new games over remasters of games I’ve played to death already.


I actually do believe it’s happening. Whether or not it’s the best decision is another matter lol. I just think, if they’re debating between Fable and Gears, which seem the two most likely candidates for this insider rumor, there’s more upside in Gears because a) you’ve already got one of them made, and b) online shooters are all the rage. Fable would be a much more involved remake for all three games and I’m not sure the coming new Fable needs one. Gears Trilogy being worked on by a smaller studio with help from TC while TC works on their next big project makes sense, if the manpower and budget are there.


Well strictly speaking I saw relative post rightly after Judgement released a while

Gears 1 PC the UE version nobody plays the servers are empty there are no players, a UE would hardly be played and delays the start of Gears 6 by at least 1 year.

We want Gears 6

The reason the PC lobby for UE is always empty, aside from it being 7 years old at this point, is because it isn’t, and never was, cross-platform. I’ve tried to find games on it myself and just given up, because you have no indication if anyone’s actually there or if you’re just waiting for nothing.

So, I gave up and put 1100 hours into Gears 5 since October.

If a Remake/Remaster collection had a combined cross-platform lobby system like Gears 5, I promise you’d have PC players on.

I want Gears 6, too, though. :rofl:

Not really. He did say “nearly” 10 years and MCC came out in 2014. So only 2 years off really

It also wasn’t cross-buy, which Gears 4 and Gears 5 were. That doubles the likelihood that someone would purchase it on Xbox, since that’s going to be the larger community.

I play Gears 5 on PC occasionally when the living room is taken, but I wouldn’t own it there if I’d had to buy it a second time.

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I’ve always been a PC gamer. I’ve never owned a console. There are more of us out there than you think. I bought Gears of War when it first came out and was also on PC. Then I couldn’t play any more of the series.

When 5 released on Steam I got back into it.

But to be fair a lot of time went by between Gears 1 and Gears 4 and PC gamers got left out of the best two entries in the series. So, it’s not surprising that there’s not currently as large a PC audience as there is an Xbox audience.

You put all the games out in a collection at one time on multiple storefronts (Steam users remember GFWL and will generally avoid Microsoft Store, but I, for one, bought 4 from MS Store before playing 5 through Steam), and I guarantee you’d expand the PC audience significantly.

And my TV has the SteamLink app that allows me to play all my PC games on the couch with a controller,

Oh, don’t misunderstand me. I know there are a lot of PC players. More than Xbox. My point was that Gears is primarily a console series, with 2, 3 & J all being exclusively Xbox. So since UE purchases weren’t cross-buy, and you had to pick one, it’s natural that most would pick Xbox, thus compounding the PC community’s problem. It’s the same issue with fighting games on Xbox. The community is always going to be smaller on Xbox because more people play them on Playstation or PC, so naturally most people who have options aren’t going to buy it on Xbox. It’s a snowballing problem.

I envy you, because I tried to do that and the connection was garbage. My house doesn’t have ethernet wired throughout, but I bought a SteamLink when it was on sale to try it on my wireless router. Completely unplayable. Though I’ve contemplated fixing up my old PC and hooking it up in the living room so my brother and I can play fighting games together on the couch instead of in our respective bedrooms.


Hmm. Odd. We have wired ethernet, but it connects via the wi-fi network. I have one wi-fi extender/access point to extend the range from the cable modem, but that’s all. The TV already connects to wi-fi for streaming, as I don’t have Cable, so I just downloaded the SteamLink app the same way you would download the Netflix app to a Smart TV. This is all on a Samsung by the way.

Anyway, back on topic. Yes, those are good points. I’ve always loved the Gears world/universe, though, and hated that I couldn’t own the entire series. So, I continue to hope for a remastered Gears collection. Especially considering how well done the remake of Gears 1 was, in my opinion.

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