Again, why can we see the opposing teams nade plants?

As the title says! Why can we see where the opposing team plants any type of grenade? Just saying doesn’t that take away from the tactical aspect of things? Just my opinion. Thoughts?


What’s so tactical about pressing B on a wall and hoping for the best

Nothing. Literally nothing.

I’m glad we can see grenade plants. It makes it a tad easier to plan an attack on a team camping their d*icks in a certain location, I.e sniper spawn on Training grounds/asylum, the towers on icebound, etc.


It’s pathetic. Helps the amateurs out though, who need to have them highlighted so it makes it a tad easier to see them and they can plan their attacks.


What’s so tactical about pressing A To take cover? What’s so tactical about touching my anolog stick to the left or right to check a corner?


I am sorry. But you sir, are part of the problem


Planting grenades is a derpy mechanic that should never have been added to GOW to begin with. Beyond just being able to see planted nades in the tac-com, I think there should also be an audio cue when you approach the grenade. Like maybe some loud beeping or an alarm of some sort when you get closer. The grenade should also start insulting the user upon being planted, though I guess you’d need to record additional VA dialog to make this happen.


I don’t see the problem. I still get planted nade kills just as much as I did in the other games.

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No. I don’t want opposing team to see it. It’s a defensive and offensive tactic. It’s a trap. If they allow that, they might as well allow us to see where enemies are.


I’m with you OP. I’m as confused as you are.


Agreed :100:

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They said it is a bug that they decided to keep in because of time restraints before launch. It’s also left in because they think it’s kind of a cool mechanic that not a lot of people utilize, so why not keep it in.

Personally, I don’t know how many people use tag coms, but the majority of the people I play with don’t. I do, and it doesn’t really make too much of a difference to me if I can see them or not. There are bigger fish to fry right now.

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Source? Or can you tell me where you saw it and I’ll try to look for it when I’ve got free time?


This community uses the word “tactical” far too loosely. Always have and always will.

I agree. They shouldn’t show for the opposing team


I abuse the sh*t out of this bug, and has definitely helped me get undeserved surprise attacks.

They need to make it like it was in Gears 4, where you can only see it if it’s within your line of sight.


I’m part of the problem? What problem? Get over yourself bud. All grenade plants have managed to do since their introduction in Gears 2 is promote slow, campier gameplay. And in a game that’s already suffers from that type of play style x10, I have no issue with seeing grenade plants.

Call me crazy, but I guess I’m more of a fan of the raw, CQC play style of Gears 1 as opposed to this slowed down, “tactical” play style we have now.


Gears 3 addition if I’m not mistaken.

the players asked for it after Gears 2, we got sick of running around corners and getting killed from some cheap nade plant that was impossible to see. this allowed the tag mechanic to stay in the game while giving players the ability to see them through walls and adjust.

it’s a good balance IMO, if your careless you can still get killed and if you use your TAC-COM like a good player you can quickly scan the map and take note of nade threats and teammate position.


I tactically blew myself up.


You couldn’t see enemy plants in gears 3. Only your own teams


I dont get it either. It defeats the purpose of the planted nade. I think it was 3 or 4 that had it right. They had a decent amount of time to get out of the way once it beeped for explosion. Just mind your surroundings.