Again the topic of bad team balacing or Why do you want to punish (good) solo players so much?

After playing in the Tech Test and now a couple of matches, it’s the same old story again of utterly garbage teammaking. If you are a good solo player, you get teamed up with the worst possible players and no matter what you do, how well you play, you’re going to lose the game. In KotH, you can rack up 100+ kills, constantly break the ring and still, as a team, get utterly smacked. Not even speaking of the fact, that racking up such an amount of kills is extremely hard in itself when you are constantly numerically outnumbered and facing 1v3s and 1v4s.

Why do you do that? Don’t you see that all players suffer by that? It’s terrible for the good solo player, it’s bad for the bad players because they, too, have zero chance of winning and also get smacked around, and it can’t be fun for the advantaged team as well. If you play ranked, you want a balanced match that challenges you.

Gears of War could be a lot more popular if you finally addressed this issue. First, create separate playlists for solo players and pre-made teams. Then, work on your teammatching algorithm because evidently it doesn’t work. All games with public matchmaking suffer from the issue of punishing good solo players, but Gears of War is a lot worse in that regard than any other game I know.

In before people suggesting to find other players to play with. This doesn’t solve the problem. There are tons of people who either at a certain moment don’t have a team ready they can play with or, maybe, even don’t want to at all. Why should you as a gaming company try your hardest to repel all those players?

If you continue to bury your head in the sand, Coalition, and keep things as they are, I can guarantee you, ranked will become a ghost town like in Gears 4 again with horrendous waiting times and bad connections (because of connecting to servers on other continents). If you frustrate solo players, they will start looking for games that don’t.

I have always asked for a non group/chat for team solo. Rocket league and halo have it. And FFA. Wingman…

Yes it’s wack. And the only game mode that gives good solo players a chance to carry their team and win, Execution, is not even a ranked playlist. Unreal