Again Server issues?

My stats don’t save. Just getting an Error. Lost all the XP I have earned after the last matches. Thanks for the boost. :expressionless:


Good ol’ TC- can’t fix one thing without breaking two others!


If the game is still having progression issues more than 2 months since its release then I don’t believe this will ever get fixed.


Yeah I was sitting at 99 with only a couple hundred XP to go for a re-up. Suddenly I can’t see my stats or my ToD progress. And I’m not gonna play anymore until I can re-up and know all my XP isn’t being wasted with my last few days of boost.

How is this still happening two months post-release?


Yup typical TC! You guys can’t get anything right! You guys seriously have no defense over anything the community complains about! Everything you guys are quote unquote going to fix with all the updates to come are the same fixes the community have been saying for years! Now as the title says server issues again!!! Unbelievable. In all seriousness I think it’s time for a new company to take over gears franchise or personnel! @TC_Octus @the-coalition


This is my first post ever. I played a game of Escape, got server error and now I can’t even see my level, my Operation objective screen is blank and “loading”. Restarted game 4x and console 3x… zippo.


Must be because of the free boost, though I wouldn’t think THAT many people would actually bother to get on for it. Does TC/MS just turn off excess servers to save on power costs or something?


TC be like “Whaaat, people play at the weekends?”. :astonished:



Oh dear TC. Oh dear.

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I just meed maybe a day or two more to hit general then I am done with this mess. They mess up every step of the way. It’s almost like they dont want anyone to play this game. It has to be there is no way someone can be this neglectful.

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My rank and stats have disappeared? Didn’t notice straight away so anywhere upto 3 hours of gaming lost as well. Come on coalition


At least there’s actually acknowledgement from TC.

But yeah this is a ridiculous amount of server issues 2 months after release. Ever since Gears 4 TC has fixed one thing and broke two others in the process. Not sure how they consistently do this.

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All Escape character cards have disappeared from my customisation menu.

It’s weird cos they still appear for Horde characters, and for characters who cross over both, if you look under Horde, their cards appear but under Escape they do not.

I had played an Escape game just as these problems started, and noticed that I didn’t have any bleed-effect. When I jumped out to the lobby to check, there it was - blank spaces where the cards normally are.

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The game has gone wanked again in the last hour. I thought inially internet was off now realize i,m being screwed by TC again on a Friday evening. Thanks. How incompedent can you idiots get ? Test upgrades before you force them on your customers.


Your getting shafted with the rest of us, stupidily loyal GW players. Unfortunately you’ll have to get used to this level of incompdence from TC.

Funniest. opening. sentence. ever! :joy::+1::clap:

Just finished a 50w on master and got nothing… nice

Someone at TC realized they gave 3 day Boosters too everyone…

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Its been resolved.