Again pls fix offline character and weapon skins

I have created a few threads about this so sorry for the redundancy but I’ll trying to get TC to see this cause they never answer at all. I had internet outage for a while the other day and was playing gears 5 offline and could play campaign and versus with bots and slit screen but noticed you couldn’t access your character and weapon skins without a internet connection. But before operation 5 you could access those offline so I don’t know what changed. We as community have bought and earned many skins and to not have access to them offline is like we rent them and not own them. TC needs to fix this cause it was fine before operation 5. I like to have access to the skins I own and paid for.


Pretty sure Shauny already more or less said it’s not gonna happen during one of the dev-streams.

Software and other digital content made available through the Store is licensed, not sold, to you.

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So why could you access your skins offline before
Operation 5?


Ask TC, doubt they’re gonna response though.

Probably broke by accident and they couldn’t be bothered fixing it. And rightfully so, there’s more important and pressing issues than something that would benefit only a tiny fraction of the playerbase.

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Well to know I can access all my skins that I earned or paid for is a pretty big deal. No most don’t play offline but it’s more the principle of having your skins and not needed internet to use them. Just my opinion.


Is a basic right and a feature every game must have and especially if the game has ended their support. Sad the current policies are too crappy and anti customer.


You speak from the bottom of my soul , it is a big deal don’t get what I payed for !!!


When you consider that offline campaign also broke in terms of character selection I’d start calling BS. Imagine locking away campaign options offline. Player 2 can’t choose if they wanna be Del or Jack

If only this game had a HUGE playerbase, with a lot of people mentioning this on YouTube.


And what about the hivebuster dlc? Can you play offline the dlc or not?

You can play offline, but it has the same problem as base campaign, in that you can’t choose your character.


Ya this needs to be fixed. Seeing how before operation 5 when offline you can access your characters and weapons but now you can’t. Don’t know what changed but it needs a fix.


This happened when the NG+ update got implemented. I suspect it has something to do with that.


Hmmm really.

You can actually cycle through characters and weapon skins (i think) in an offline versus lobby by pressing LB and RB or LT and RT on the character. I learned this from testing out the offline modes in gears 4.

You can’t anymore.


Rightfully so? lol you make no sense especially when you think everyone has the same mindset as you, there’s no way of telling on what people’s preferences actually are when it comes to games. Just because you see other people playing the same mode as you doesn’t mean they only play that said mode or don’t play anything else regarding both offline and online content.

Also I don’t know why you’re acting like as if this would take up lots of valuable time and resources when it actually doesn’t, you online only elitists are all the same I swear and super predictable.

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Ya you can’t anymore but before operation 5 you could do it makes no sense. I was playing offline cause my internet was out all day and was playing versus and couldn’t even select my character skins like wtf.


yea, it’s pretty lame that it’s no longer a basic feature in the game no more. A lot of new games don’t let you access certain things no more without internet which is why i love the original gears games more. And in the event that the servers go offline at least i’ll still have full access to basic game modes like horde in gears 2 and 3 whereas 4 and 5 is kind of a let down.


Ya can’t access horde at all in 4 and 5 without internet. That’s one thing I loved about gears 4 and 5 thow is that without internet you can still play campaign and versus with bots or even split screen. But now they for some odd reason won’t let u access character skins to bought or earned is wrong.

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Welp. hopefully something can be done about it but I wouldn’t count too highly on it which sucks.