AGAIN. BOTTON REMAPPING DOESNT show the correct input

Ive spammed this almost every developer stream.
Ive posted this on this forum maybe 5 or 6 times in the last 6 months.

When i remap button inputs.
(LB is B and B is LB now)
It doesn’t show the new remap.
Example - to trade weapon. Its telling me B even though its Lb or should be with the new remap

Same with mantle deflect. It says B even though its LB.
The only thing tht does show the correct one is Executing, it will say Lb.
But recently ive notice there is an insane amount of input lag or input not even registering when you do press it.
Ill have a down opponent and i go to malee him to kill him. Nothing happens. I ll do it multiple times. And out of nowhere it will start doing an execution.

I get
There are tons of issues tht need to be fixed but ive brought this up FOR SOO LONG NOW. THT it should be at the top of the list by now.

Ive even tried going back to the old og remap but i cant get used to it anymore.
Id rather have this fixed. This is a problem thts been there sincd launch.

Can i get an acknowledgment or atleast a F. OFF so i can stop posting.
Tht way we can have nothing but more character skin cimplaints. You know wht really matters.
Not the game play