After watching cutscenes from Ramm's shadow, Judgement, and Gears tactics I feel there's so much potential for prequel DLC for the franchise

There’s so much time between E day, and gears of war 1 and there’s so much potential there for new characters and intresting stories.

Judgement and Tactics take place in the first 2 years after E-day, whiles Ramm’s shadow takes place 6 months before Gears 1. There’s so much potential in between, or even at the same time as those stories

I’ll never buy any of those content packs, but give me some prequel Dlc? I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.


For Gears 5? I really feel they should focus on the parts after JD’s injury and before Kait & Del leave

Why is JD so “COG” now? We could see the friendship between Fahz & JD ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE and dive deep into what really changed JD

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I’d prefer prequel dlc, but I wouldn’t be opposed to that either

Absolutely plenty of room for Pendulum War and Early Locust War stuff.
I’d love to play as the UIR sometime either against COG, Locust, or even both.

I’d absolutely love it too but killing humans just isn’t as fun as killing big hybrid monsters named boomers

E day to Gears 1 has so much potential . Comic characters, new characters or mix and match. There’s several squads out there we haven’t even heard about.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see either a spin-off game or new trilogy announced.

I wouldn’t mind some kind of anthology game of stories. Bring back a few writers like Travis, and create a bunch of different prequel stories. Learn about some of the squads in between Alpha and Zeta

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